Straight guy who wants to suck another's cock

I am a straight guy who has always wondered what its like to suck a cock. I would love for some guy to use me.

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  • I didn't try it until I was 50. I'm 65 now, and love sucking cocks.

  • You should try it. I've done it twice and liked it better than I thought. Strange....I've never given another man a hand job though. I wouldn't mind trying that.

  • You're not Straight, you fucking faggot!

  • Yes my wife wanted me to suck one of her lovers off. I held out but I knew I really wanted to give it a try. I found it very natural to have another man's penis in my mouth. I love sucking cock more than my wife does. I would clean their dicks after they were done fucking her. I really enjoy kneeling next to my wife and sharing one of her big cock lovers. I'm very good at it. Probably better than she is. I have long hair and that turns many guys on. Running their hand and fingers through my long hair as I suck them off. I prefer for them to cum in my mouth and swallow their semen. So yes try it. I think you will enjoy it. A lot!

  • I am so jealous of you

  • hundreds of cocks to blow in your area right now.

  • Try it and see if you like it because I can tell you there is no shortage of guys that want their cocks sucked.

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