My white wife has sex with black men

My wife of 20 years has been having sex with different black men for about the last two years of our marriage. Over the last 2 years she's had sex with 25 to 30 different black men. All of the men she is with have very large penises. That is one of her requirements in order to have sex with them. she post ads on various sites explaining exactly what she's looking for. Very fit educated handsome well endowed black men. My wife is blonde 5 foot tall and weighs 100 pounds. She is very fit and very attractive and gets a lot of attention everywhere she goes. She has always had an attraction to very large penises and tells me that she's addicted to the feeling of being so full. occasionally I get to watch but most of the time she goes out on dates or away for the weekend with her lovers. she always sends me pictures and sometimes she will call me and leave the phone on laying next to her while she's having sex so I can listen. All of the men she is with know she is married and most of the men get off on the fact that they're having sex with someone else's wife. she will even ask them while they're having sex with her "do you like this married pussy" and they all get off on that. all of the men she has sex with on a regular basis do not use protection and always cum inside of her. She will come home to me and I will perform my true cuckold duty and clean her up. She always cums when I do this and she loves the power she has over me. I look forward to her dates and her stories when she gets home.


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  • That’s a lot of black cock. Hopefully she uses protection from any STD’s Thete has to more to this story. Does she stay married to you for your money? Do you have kids. I pushed my girlfriend to have sex with a certain black guy at her work that I met at a party. We would have sex and talk about him fucking her like she used to get it in College from black athletes. It turned out our sex came to a halt but I was under the impression she was tired and I was overdoing the role play. Turns out She was fucking him every chance she got behind my back for about 6 mos. we got back together and she admitted once it happens it’s very very hard hard to stop.

  • Same with my wife 34 yo and once you start with black cock it’s hard to stop she says.

  • Yeah she says she loves it and will never stop

  • To answer some of your questions, we have a very honest relationship and she does tell me everything and everyone she is going to be with. Our kids are grown and out of the house and that's when all of this started. She raised our kids and then wanted to release her inner sexual desires so I let her. I'm into it just as much as she is. I know that a lot of couples start doing this and it ends badly sometimes. The honesty is the secret I think. My wife never gets to close to these men and no live making ever happens. She fucks and comes home. I guess we will find out in the long run but we have made it so far. Cuckold life for both of us while we still can live it up.

  • Same here chuck life is right for me

  • Will not be long and you will find she is diseased, she should curtail her activities to a couple of decent ones.

  • Your a hater.

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