Is it wrong? Having sex with my friends daughter?

It is wrong that my want to fuck my friends daughter? We've been flirting on and off, and she's come out and said to me fuck me already, we've been sexting for over a month now. She's 19 I'm 43 I've know her since she was 4. She's babysat for us a few times, we go to family events together, she has a steady boy friend.

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  • Its perfectly ok but what's better is if you had fucked the mother before then the daughter years later.Thats what I did.How many guys can say that?????

  • Nothing is wrong with it as long as she's legal.Im in my mid thirties,I get on really well with my neighbours,would call them friends.They have 2 teenage kids,eldest is a girl.When she came of legal age she became real flirty with me.At 17 she totally wanted it but I said ask me next year,thinking she'd forget or lose interest.In the mean time I think she had definitely been already getting busy with boys but when she hit 18 she reminded me of what I said.So I hit that tight little pussy one weekend when her family were away and she stayed home,i told her i had no other plans,so shes getting a weekend fuck fest.From Friday night after I got home from work to Sunday afternoon.The only time I left the house was to get more beer and condoms.Had to use them cuz that girl would've ended up with my sperm in her egg.Just wish I had taken her virginity though.Funny thing in the middle of getting her pussy destroyed she gets a call from her parents,had to stop to let her catch her breath.She said I was the biggest she ever had and I told her how I like my cock sucked.Fucked her quite a few more times till she was 20 and went off to Uni.

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  • Do what you want if you must be so silly.

  • Oh my... we are in similar situations. She used to give me the eye whenever she was over. I saw her ass and immediately started to think about her. That was when she was in HS and that was about a year ago. She always has nice things to say to me. She would always stay late to be around me. Finally one night she came up to me and put her arms around me and asked me why I wouldn’t hit on her. I had to make up a lie. I told her I found her very attractive and I wanted it to be special. She asked me if I was playing games and I said I think about her all thre time. Now that’s she’s in College and as soon as she comes back for Christmas break we decided to get a hotel room and she made me promise

  • She came over the other day, shorty little skirt, and opened her legs to review to me that she had no panties . And now she's going to a hotel for a conference tomorrow and that her company paid for a room so she wouldn't have to drive home and be back there in the morning. I plan on meeting her there

  • That’s hot. Did you wank thinking about it?

  • It’s not wrong, you’re both adults. When I was 19 and living at home my step dads friend stayed with us for the summer. When my parents went to work he would wake up early and make me and him breakfast. I would wake up and he’d sit and talk with me. We would watch tv together and he’s drop me off at the mall or other places. We started getting really friendly, and one day we started talking about sex. I wasn’t a virgin, I had been sexually active since I was 14. We ended up having sex everyday for the rest of the summer. He was very good at it, much better than the guys I had been with before. He’s the first guy I ever had an orgasm with during sex, the first anal sex, and the first one to make me orgasm with oral. He taught me not to be afraid to try anything sexually. He must have been 45 at the time.

  • Tell us more

  • My friends daughter was almost overly pretty. To pretty for her own good and it got her into trouble numerous times. She came on to me a couple times and you know what I did? Declined and told her parents. I am a true friend and a real dad. If you touched my daughter I would have beat you until you begged for me to finish you off. I would beat a friend even worse for such a thing and for the betrayal.

  • Go away loser. You ain't beating shit but your micro dick.

  • You’re no fun. If she is legal age, so what? It’s better that she learns how to make love from a man she trusts and admired, than some dumb fuck trash that does not care for her.

  • It’s legs. So do it

  • Wrong is probably not the right word for this situation because there are way to many variables. Maybe acceptable is a better word. Will your friend think it is a good relationship for his daughter? If the two of you just have sex and there is no ongoing relationship then it is what you can live with in your mind given the relationship of you and your friend. Personally I have been in a similar situation and did nothing to my friends daughter except have a discussion about why it was a bad idea for us to have sex because we have a long history of friendship. I have had sex with women who are college age, even had one woman live with me for about three years and during this time a few of my friends asked me why on earth I was living with a woman twenty some years younger. So I think that it is looked at as unacceptable to have a relationship with such an age difference but if you are just having a one time thing with them and keeping it to yourself then it is what you can live with in your mind.

  • Certainly not, go for it you will regret things if you don't.

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