Caught wearing panties

I've had a secret panty wearing fetish for my entire adult life. In every relationship I had (2 ex-wives and every girlfriend, especially when we lived together) I'd secretly wear some of their panties. I would only do this when I was by myself at home. I'd put on a pair of her sexy panties and prance around the house in them. I would always get soooo turned on and soooo fucking horny whenever I could wear her panties. I'd go from room to room acting and trying to sound as sissy as possible. I'd walk into a room and start playing with my cock. I would slowly start to tease my cock with my finger tips through the fabric of the sexy panties that I was wearing. Watching and feeling my cock growing harder and harder in my panties. It was such a incredible turn on to look down and see my fully erect hard cock bulging in my panties. I would slow slide my hand inside my panties and start edging my cock. I played with my hard cock edging it for as long as I could stand it, then stop! Calm myself down, then prance into another room and start edging my cock again. Walk in a room, edge my cock...stop. Walk into another room, edge my cock....stop. Always acting like a sissy the whole time. In my sexiest sissy voice, I'd whimper like sissy fag as I slid my hand inside my panties as I played with my cock. And when I finally reached the point where I couldn't stand it any more, I always made myself cum so hard that I would completely soak my panties.

Then came the day that I got caught wearing panties. My girlfriend and I were living in a mobile home community. One of our neighbors was a retired older gentleman around sixty yrs old. He was a widower after his wife of 40 years passed away 2 years before we became neighbors. He always joked with me about how much he loved to fuck his wife. He always winked at me whenever he joked about it. It had been several months since I wore any of my girlfriends panties and I started getting the urge to wear some. As soon as she for work the next day, I put some on. My cock got so hard as soon as I put them. I pranced out of the bedroom whimpering like a sissy as I walked down the hallway towards the kitchen with my hard cock bulging in the pretty, sexy bikini panties that I was wearing. I slowly reached inside my panties and started playing with my cock. I didn't notice that the blinds weren't pulled all the way down. The old man lived in the lot beside us. My sissy whimpers were loud enough for him to hear me. He saw my in my panties with my hand inside them playng with my hard cock. He watched me for several minutes as I stood in the kitchen wearing my girlfriends panties with my hand inside them stroking my hard, throbbing cock whimpering like a sissy. The next thing I know I got a text message. At first I thought it was my girlfriend but noticed that it was the old man next door. The message read... 'You look hot in your panties! I'd love it if you grabbed a handful of panties and came on over.' It was then that I noticed that the blinds weren't pulled all the way down. I walked over, looked next door and saw the old man staring back at me with a big smile on his face. I received another text message. This one read...'Don't worry. I won't tell her or anyone else. It will be our lil secret!' I replied back....'Promise!?! ??'. I didn't hesitate. I walked back into the bedroom and grabbed a handful of my girlfriends panties and went next door. I didn't even bother to put some shorts on over my panties. I just walked over. Before I could knock on his door, he opened it. He stood there staring back at me smiling. He said....'Well don't you look cute in your panties. I hope that you brought more with you. Come on in honey and let me take a gooood look at you'! I giggled like a sissy and walked in. He shut the door and as he turned to face me, I asked him if he liked the panties that I was wearing. I kept talking, telling him how turned on and how horny it always makes me whenever I wear panties. As we walked over to sit on his sofa I told him that I would come over any time he wanted me to and wear panties for him. He said the he'd like that very much. He said that his late wife never knew about his desires to be with other men. And that he was always descrete about being with other men sexually. He reached over and starting teasing my cock. Whimpering, I told him that I preferred older gentlemen like him. We started kissing sensually. I reached for his cock. I whimpered...'Oh my! What a big, thick cock you have'! He stood up, took me by my hand and lead me into his bedroom. I became his panty wearing sissy fag cock whore that day! Sucking his big, thick cock off multiple times and being fucked hard mulitple times too. This old man could cum multiple times and shoot big loads every time too. He could even stay hard after he came. I'd come over and be his panty wearing cock whore. He bought over 50 pairs of sexy panties for me to wear for him. He also bought lots of sheer stockings and a couple pairs of heels for me to wear as well. He would text me before my girlfriend left for work to let me know that he was horny. At first I came over once maybe twice a week. But that only lasted a month. Then I was coming over as many as 4 days a week. My girlfriend would house sit for people from time to time. Sometimes when she did, she would stay over night when house sitting because it was just easier for her to do so. On those occassios, I stayed with my neighbor all week. Being his naughty panty wearing cock whore all day and all night long! This old man was insatiable and I absolutely loved it! I got fucked multiple times all day during the daytime. I sucked him off multiple times too. And it alway seemed that he got hornier after the sun went down. I got fucked just as many times if not more at night on those times I could stay over nigh.. And he wanted his cocked sucked off just as many times too. I got fucked and I sucked him off in every room. He take my ass bent over the kitchen counter. He bent me over his dining room table. I got bent over the arm of the sofa. I sat on his cock, riding it as he sat on the sofa. He pushed me up against a wall and fucked me. There wasn't any place in his home that he didn't fuck me or have me suck him off. He only sucked me off a handful of times. He loved giving me slow and intense handjobs. Reaching inside my panties as we were lustfully kissing. Making me squirm around, whimpering like a sissy making me soak my panties. Some things happened and I had to move because of my father passing away. I would love to find another older, insatiable gentleman like him and be his panty wearing cock whore fag. I miss that old man's big, thick cock and cum. I miss that old man taking my tight ass long and hard however, wherever and for as long as he wanted to over and over again and again all day long! I miss having my tight ass ravished hard and deep by that insatiable oldman. I'd love to find another insatiable older gentleman who lives close by will make me his panty wearing cock whore!

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