I'm letting all the guys in my share house fuck me

I live in a share house with 4 guys, they are all cute in different ways, and they all fancy me. I'm not sure being the only girl in a lads house was a good idea, as they basically began competing for my affections as soon as i moved in, and it was inevitable that i would eventually give in and sleep with one of them. After it did happen, we agreed no relationship, but pleased to be fuck buddies. The other guys asked if we were in a relationship, and i had to explain 'fuck buddies' in my explanation i said technically i could sleep with someone else in the house, not a problem, or a different guy each night. Suddenly they all asked in turn if i would sleep with them. They are all cute, so in turn i did, and it has kept going. There is practically a rota to fuck me lol.
Is this wrong, i feel like the house bike, but i am very happy, and am getting alot of sex and it's all good. It's a bit weird though, we are almost in a 5 way relationship. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  • Chances are that one of the guys is going to get attached to you at some point, even if you specified "no relationship." I was once in a similar situation, only with 2 guy roommates, and it can get messy. some guys can't do fwb well.

  • Just keep swallowing with all that work it should be rent free

  • I don't want free rent that would make me a whore

  • You are awesome-perfect roommate. Way to use your assets to keep the boys relaxed! Do you ever do them back to back or at the same time?

  • Well good for you, you're really quite the slut aren't you ?

  • That was my worry

  • Guys appreciate girls that like sex so what's the issue?

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