Imitating porn video

There’s these porn videos where a woman masturbates in front of the her lawn guy, you know through her window. I’m sure it’s fake but it’s fucking hot. We just hired a new lawn service and I really wanted to do it. We have these big windows in our family room that take up the whole wall and you can see the whole back yard. But the yard backs up to a hill so the neighbors can’t see in. I can be baked on the porch or in the room and no one can see except someone in my yard.

So i put on my nipple pumps cuz I’m trying to make them bigger and more sensitive and I got nude and I took my dildo out when I heard the lawn service at the neighbors. I readied myself in the chair that faces the window and when they got to my back yard I fucked myself silly for the little Mexican guy blowing off my porch. I pulled the pumps off my nips and they were freaking huge and super sensitive and I played with them while I rammed my pussy with the dildo. He just stood their with his mouth hanging open. I’ve never cummed so hard in my life. Told my husband and he wants to set up my laptop to tape it next time. Hottest thing ever. Bet he comes back with a buddy next week. I think we’ll post it online somewhere.

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