Want to watch girlfriend fucking.

My girlfriend has told me some of her past lovers had huge dicks. I’m about 6 inches long and not thick. I’ve told her I would love to watch her get fucked by one of her big dicked ex lovers. I want to see how she responds to being filled up with that much cock. She says that I please her, and I usually give her a couple of orgasms before I even enter her, she says she enjoys my size in her.
I would love to see her right after a huge dick streatched her out, and filled her with cum. I would enjoy seeing the cum leaking out of her open pussy.

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  • She's taken bigger dick's but she like's yours, some girls are like that.

  • Trust me.. once she gets that bigger cock in her she will start acting differently. Less sex for you and her thoughts constantly on the guy with huge cock that fucked her good. I pushed my girl to try it with a guy that she had no feelings for only sexual before me and the result was what I described earlier. After 6 mos of a troubled relationship she admitted she was seeing him every opportunity she could get. It pissed me off and turned me on so much. After we got back on track with our relationship I was tempted to ask again... even details. She said if she tried it again we would most likely start fucking him on the side again. Maybe not come back That bigger cock has females coming back

  • Its only worth it if the guy is seriously huge and stretches her making her scream then moan with pleasure after she is accustomed to his size.Oh and cum lots and lots of cum seeping out of her

  • She has told me that one of them was huge. Long and thick, she talked about how he would always hurt her as he started fucking her because of how thick he was. She told me she never could take his full length inside of her. She said she had to wear pads in her panties because he would streatch her out so much she almost always leaking. She never told me about how much cum he would pump inside of her pussy.

  • Cucks need cum too....lick her clean

  • I think you're a cuckold in the making

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