A new found love for cock

Theres a new intern at work. The boss has him paired up with me to get him trained. He is a super sweet guy but dumber that what he comes back with from coffee runs. A week ago he wore gray chinos that were very form fitting. He must of had been watching me sucking up all the caramel from my frap because his already tight pants got tighter and tighter. When he noticed i was staring at his massive bulge he turned red and apologized. Saying he shouldnt of been staring at such a pretty girl in that way.

Before i could respond, our boss peeked in and asked me to help him with some files. I dont even know what i was doing because all i could think of was that huge dick print sitting on his thigh. Hours passed and i didnt get another chance to see him again. The next few days we spent flirting back and forth like a couple of teens. I complained that he didnt wear his grey chinos and told him they were my favorite. I would accidentally bump into him and stick my chest out on contact. At one point he shimmied by and I pushed my ass back to feel his dick brush up against it. I was having a great time being a flirt.

I noticed that he would constantly stare at my chest when i was trying to teach him. It was at this point that I blatantly told him i didnt mind him staring. That he could touch them too if he asked nicely. He blushed and turned red once again so i told him the same thing once more. He reached under my blouse and gently caressed my big pink nipples. I pushed his hands away and told him to take his big thick dick out for me. He said we shouldnt because we could get caught.

He was right because now our boss walked in and said he should go on another coffee run. I sarcastically said he can never get the orders correct and volunteered to go with him. Our boss chuckled and thought it was a good idea and let us on our merry way. We had to take the stairs down but as soon as we reached the parking lot, he pressed me against a wall and we started making out like two horny high schoolers.

I could feel his hard dick pressed up against me. I knew i had to have it and i knew it was now or never. I dropped to my knees and reached for his belt only to find he had already whipped it out for me. I was face to face with his thick meaty piece of heaven and so i sucked and licked it passionately as he began yo moan. I was such a slut! I shoved it to the back of my throat, gagging and gasping for air as he began to cum. He started to tell me something and quickly put his dick away as he rushed up the stairs. At this point I couldnt believe I had just sucked such a big dick so I stayed on my knees with a mouth full of cum dripping down my chin as a security guard yelled for me to stay put. Then i realized that asshole left me because he heard someone coming.

Maybe it was because his cock was so good and I was left feeling like such a slut or maybe it was the adrenaline of being caught but I saw an opportunity to get an even bigger dick now so I begged the guard not to call the cops and told him id suck his big black dick in his security office in exchange. He wasnt the only one there when we got there so I indulged myself and had two meaty pieces of man meat all to myself. They took turns shoving their big dicks in my mouth and pussy. I had them each cum down my throat as i gagged on their giant cocks.

I realized that while i was taking dicks i was probably being needed back at work. I had these two fine pieces of chocolate man meat escort me back and we told the boss someone broke into my car and they were helping me out while i sent the intern for our drinks. Just then the intern walks in with all our drinks and starts handing them out. He gave me mine last and i told him thank you for my vanilla frap but those nice security guards just gave me two large black coffees with extra cream.

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  • Extra creme.


  • Absolutely great story. 👍🏾

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