My sister is horny

Some time in the past two years my sis got divorced and she stayed at my family’s and I noticed that she was horny especially during noons and I used to sit in the living room alone and she usually come and pretend to grab something on the floor just to show me her boobs under the shirt. This is absolutely a message to me that she needs someone to bang her not just the fact that she feel good when I’m staring at her all the time. This very same thing happened another time but I was standing in the kitchen and was bending in front of me while her tits are so visible to me and I just couldn’t help it to hide my boner and she was looking at my boner with a smile on her face... her 5 year old daughter was around and I felt so embarrassed then I sat down pretending that I want something until the boner is gone ... please any advice suggestions in this situation? I don’t know how to begin with her and I know that it should start from my side to act.

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  • Like the first girl sad, tell her you need to talk to her alone about something and then be transparent regarding your feelings and emotions. Say that she knows she is obviously and purposely attempting to arouse you and that only girls on the pill behave in such a fashion in front of their brother. Tell her you two should deal with the situation covertly as responsible, sensible consensual adults do. Use this issue as a opportunity to take the upper hand ; try to manipulate language in such a manner that puts her on the defensive. From the perspective of her provocative poses you've indicated here, you are not acting irresponsibly ; she IS.

  • Bro what the fuck you want a golden invite just go somewhere you can be a lone and say i know you know i cant take it any more and do her you will have a live in girl toy go for it you wount be sorry

  • Don’t make her beg for it! Start suckin dem titties!

  • Tell your sister that if she keeps giving you erections, you'll tell her daughter how her mommy shows off her woman things.

    Alternatively, you could tell her that it's embarrassing to be aroused around your niece and would she please stop.

  • Have a heart to heart with her.

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