Gay Sex with friends father ?

I'm a 54 y.o. guy and recently had some surgeries.My friends father from my old neighborhood is in his late '70's.He has been widowed for about 40 years.Without a girlfriend for about 15 years.We discuss this.He mentions missing having "someone" in his life.
Not a woman,"someone"There are a few times I thought he was showing signs of coming on to me.Slight but maybe.He's shy and reserved now but as a kid we used to get into his extensive porn collection.He came by with my father after my recent surgery and as leaving he looked back and said " now I know where you are." Smiling.He has been back and we've talked like many times before over the years.He keeps mentioning missing having someone.
I'm getting turned on by him but I don't know what to do.I have no experience with this.Any Advice would be appreciated.

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  • Umm... What signs has he given to you? Because from what you've just wrote, you have said nothing to suggest he's coming on to you, at all!

  • Suck his cock.

  • Damn dude. At his age, he likely can't get his wrinkled up pecker hard, even with viagra, and you'd probably rip a lethal hole in his rectum if you tried butt fucking the poor old geezer. Find yourself someone a little younger if your looking for a fuck buddy.

  • Stop perving on the old guy. Maybe he just wants a friend. Take him out to a sporting event or something.

  • Go for it..

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