Gay Sex With My Dr. ?

I have very hot therapist.Were both in our mid 50's.Hes mentioned his wife being distant and at times bitchy.
I've never been with a guy although never against it.It just never presented itself to me.Anyway,I'm finding myself getting turned on by him.He has also said I need Hypnosis which he could do.Is he manipulating me ? I want him.Sould I go for it ? If so.How do I go about it ? I know it's unethical for him and I'm afraid to cross the line.
Help !

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  • When he tries to hypnotise you, maintain composure, but then pull your dick out like you don't know what you're doing and see where it goes. Tell him you thought you were in the restroom.

  • You're suffering from transference. It's very common and it's highly unlikely the feelings are mutual. Focus on why you originally went to therapy, he's there to help cure you, not to pick a guy up.

  • Most people develop sexual feelings for their therapist. Just fucking tell him about it, you're in therapy.

  • Why does he need to hypnotise you?

  • Physical pain issues.

  • Take some Percocet!! Yum yum! Then do a shot of Crowm Royal

  • Sounds like you want him more than he probably wants you.

  • What a great therapist you have. One that has marriage issues and one with questionable ethics.

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