Playing with my nipples at work

I work in an office with 7 men and 1 woman. We are the admins for the men and we have two cubbies outside of their offices. It’s kind of a square area with the offices surrounding our cubbies and our cubbies are attached. We can see each other, but two of the men can see me, to her and there are three men on the sides (one on one- he’s the owner and 2 on the other) that don’t really have a view.

Anyway I have very sensitive nipples. I always have. And lately they’re more sensitive than before. I don’t know why. So I am always touching them. Just kind of rubbing them through my shirt. I donit so often I don’t even realize it sometimes.

Now though, it’s even more intense and I’m doing it inside my shirt. I’ve gotten so bold that I pull my camisoles down and play with my tits at my desk. I have a feeling the guys know. I think they’ve watched. Sometimes it makes me so horny I have to go and ginger myself in the bathroom until I orgasm.

I don’t know why it’s happening all of a sudden.

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  • It sounds like you are wanting a certain male Co worker to catch you.
    Tell us the rest of the story.

  • Cut nip holes in your bra; feel the material of your blouse or shirt rubbing directly across your nips with every little movement. Then report back.

  • Ive done this..along with wearing ..sheer capris with no panties.. i get lots of the guys at work..squirming:) crissynh50pt//chaturbate

  • Fun looking vids Crissy. Beautiful smooth pussy!

  • Ty.. id have fucked the whole office by now...can you tell?

  • I’ve done this. Feels great

  • Ginger ones self?

  • Mmmm yes! Keep it up and let us know what happens?

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