I need ass!!!!

I’m married and I feel terrible for my feelings but what can I do? Some guys love tits. Some smokers. Some get. Me...I LOVE ass!!!!

There is nothing sexier, more erotic, or more intimate than ass play and anal. I crave it constantly. The idea of planting my tongue in a woman’s ass before pumping it full of cum drives me insane!!!!

Sadly, my wife isn’t into it at all...and I’ve tried!!! I don’t want to be a cheater but fuck!!!! If there was a woman near me that loved it as much as I do...the things I would do...

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  • I’m with you. I love a nice round perfect bubble ass on attractive white females. I wound worship, lick, suck, put hickies on that ass. I can’t stop looking and sometimes I wonder if the person they are with even thinks about it like I do.
    I love it when the cooler weather comes so I can check out all those fines perfect asses Jn jeans etc

  • My wife and I virtually only fuck doggie in her arse these days I love the feeling of control it gives me, she loves the subordination, she is so tight even now I still use a little lube fingering it in gets her hot.

  • Humping a nice female arse is just the best thing, my wife and I almost always do anal these days we both particularly love doggie I even have a lockable collar with "my bitch" printed on it, often she wears it around the house not long and I am humping her.

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