What is the worst sex you have ever had?

We see all the good sex stories, how about starting a thread on the worst!

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  • It was the first time my wife and I did it. We’ll, attempted to anyway...
    Remember mini thins? Some kind of ephedrine?
    Apparently it causes ED.

    We’d dated a couple of months when we went to see a friend out of town for New Years. Partied. Drank. He gave me some mini thins. Went back to our friends house and the fold out couch and.... nothing. It won’t move! O. M. G.
    Woke up early the next morning and things were fine. Been loving that pussy ever since!

  • An old girlfriend called out of the blue desperate for a fuck, I arranged a Motel room and was so very excited until she turned up looking like a ten ton tessie made up like a slut, her cunt was so stretched no way could I arouse her or me so she gave me probably the worst blow job I have ever had and left screaming profanities back at me.

  • I had this stalker, she used to drive around my house in the middle of the night staring at my house. She was 19 blond not bad looking but she had issues, one night I walked outside and seen her try to hide in a bush. And I said "look you can come inside or stay out here and stare at my house".lol I didn't look back but I think she ran to my house and I think I heard her trip and fall down once. We sat down on my couch and I asked her what do you want to do, as soon as I said that she pulls down my pants and starts blowing me. I'm in shock she's like aggressively sucking my dick, the sex wasn't bad. What made it the worst was that I Just Had Sex with somebody that in their normal State had a way unhealthy obsession with me, shit got so fucking crazy after that. I had to fake that I moved then with help from my dad fake that I died just to get away from this crazy bitch.

  • Probably the time I strapped on a ball-stretcher ( kind of an elaborate cock
    ring ) . My cock got appropriately erect, but also trapped so much blood that
    it turned the color of an eggplant. My wife, in her excitement and ardor
    grabbed it and her sharp nails, and engagement ring burst it open like an over-
    cooked sausage. It stung more than anything, and began bleeding profusely. I couldn't get that contraption off quick enough. I had to put a band-aid on my cock and was out of commission for almost two weeks !

  • It went bad for her but great for me. My pretty blond big boobed cousin and I hung out together most of our lives. She would get slutty with about any guy if she could get out of her jealous husbands sight. That girl cock teased me for 2 years. She had no problem changing clothes in front of me or swimming topless in front of me. She called and then dropped by my house and we partied a bit and started making out. She always talked about how she liked to give head so I told her to suck me which without pause she did. While she sucked me I was half yelling at her she was going to finally get fucked by me.

    2 years of being dick teased was going to be taken out on her pussy. I hate fucked that pussy hard. I couldn't get enough and I was not letting up at we moved around the house in various positions. I was saying all kinds of filthy things about incest while pumping her and this is what she gets for dick teasing me. She finally tapped out and said she was sore and couldn't take anymore so I jerked off on her tits to finish myself. What she doesn't know is after she called me I took a Viagra just in case something happened. Sadly it was the last time she hung out with me. I don't know if it was something I said or me acting like an animal.

  • My wife and her 3 friends and I were drinking one night and I got drunk so as punishment for getting drunk and saying girls are retarded they tied me to a bed and they all pissed and shift in my mouth and then they made themselves throw up on my face and said I'm their bitch they recorded it and threatened to show my family unless I let them shit on my face everyday so I do and damn it sucks

  • A friend of mine set me up with an older guy (he was 43, I was 22) and on our first date we went back to his place. I don't usually put out on the first date, but it seemed okay that night. Well, I started riding his dick and he came in like 30 seconds. I said, "Did you? Already?!?" I got off of him and felt down below, and sure enough, I was scooping out nut. He never got it up again. He was the worst lay ever.

  • Should of left it in there and sat on his face to finish you off. Enjoy your 30 second nut dick wad!

  • Anytime I had sex with my ex. The once party girl turned into her controlling bitch just like her mother shortly after we were married. Her weapon of choice was denying sex for months at a time. By the time she allowed sex I was primed to kill and only could last 30 seconds. She knew exactly when I was going to cum and would suddenly push me off before it got in her. No kissing or oral. Twice a year a 30 second romp and she was literally shocked when I told her I was leaving?

  • You should have stayed inside her.

  • Probably the time me and my mum pinned down my stepdad ( thinking we were just playing) and my mother removed his trousers and waknind him off until he came then they pinned me down removing all me clothes and wakned me off until i came and sucked me off . That was the start of things to come

  • Probably the time I was sucking a guy off, and he kept checking his watch.

  • My problem is I'm hot curvy and look like a model. I also have a drinking problem, so when I get drunk a lot of the guys that throw themselves at me, I don't make the best decisions. Last year when I was on vacation I drank too much and when I woke up I realized I never made it to my hotel. I was naked face down ass up getting fucked by some dirty old man without a condom while his wife was watching.

  • That's sexy

  • Yes and then??

  • When I woke I had a really intense orgasm, I think it's what woke me up. At first I actually didn't realize I was having sex until I felt my ass bouncing off of his hips, at first I thought "oh wow it's that cute guy that works at the motel". And I look over my shoulder and was shocked to see this skinny old man fucking me. I thought about just getting up and leaving, but I thought he is already fucking me without a condom I can't really take that back. So I just kind of gave in and let it happen and thought maybe I'll enjoy myself. we had sex all morning I would just walk around the house nude and whenever he wanted it I would let him have it.

  • It was the worst but you kept at it? my kind of girl!

  • Yeah to be honest, at one point I climbed on top of him in reverse cowgirl and closed my eyes and pretended he was someone else. I did start to enjoy myself for a few minutes, but I think the combination of me treating him like he was one of my ex-lovers and how hard I was riding his dick was too much for him lol, he only lasted a few minutes and then he came in me without warning.

  • A buddy of mine and his wife invited me to have a threeway with them. His wife made a negative comment about the looks of my dick and also said "what are you doing down there" when I tried to give her oral. It really made me feel bad and I couldn't get it up. It was an afternoon I'd like to forget, but it is forever a part of the trauma I carry through life.

  • She's a cunt. you're allowed to forgive yourself from being taken down by that cunt and get on with your life as the man you are. take care of yourself

  • I had a girlfriend in college tell me that after I passed out I went limp, I did not even remember starting to have sex with her but I am sure it had to be her worst sexual encounter ever. She told me she even sucked on me trying to get me hard so she could ride it but it was no use.

  • Right after my divorce I was hell bent on getting it with anyone I could but my mind took over and at least controlled me sometimes. One of the times that it did not I went home with a guy I had just met thinking it would be a one night thing and when we were walking into the house I saw another guy in the kitchen. I should have turned around right then and there because there were three guys in the house and they all got handsy real fast. I decided it was better to go along with it and not get hurt so I ended up giving a lot pleasure and receiving very little, I do not even remember having an orgasm. I was glad to leave there with only a bad memory.

  • Probably the time my wife who came home from a trip early, walked in to see a male escort reverse cowgirling on me. I glanced to my right and she was stood there absolutely disgusted, but the escort couldn't see her and kept twerking on my dick. That was bad

  • Do you have sex with other men a lot? You fucked an escort bare? HOT.

  • Only escorts and yes bare.

  • Well hell, did he finish you off?

  • My wife stormed out the room, as i quickly climaxed and then I pushed him off and chased her

  • Then what? Did you fuck her too?

  • Hell no. That was 3 years ago and she's still not letting me forget it. It took almost a year for her to sleep with me again and she insists I use a condom. I know it's all my fault

  • Worst sex was with my brothers wife, been trying to bang her for 15 years, finally she caved in, she couldn't kiss, horrible at blow jobs, and when I pulled out to try a different position, it smelled, like rotten fish that was left out for weeks, and before you judge, she is a smoke show, she could pass for a super model at the age of 44

  • The worst sex I have ever had was with the best looking woman I have ever had. She only let me play with her when she was into it, which was never. She didn't perform oral sex on me, she didn't like any other sex positions other than on her back. I couldn't touch her pussy or eat her pussy, she didn't like her breasts played with, what a complete waste, she had big beautiful solid tits. She had no sex drive or imagination. She was great to look at, but I was sexually frustrated and my sex life was nonexistent. I cheated on her purposely to get caught, she told me she was in love with me. I knew the only way to end our relationship, was to get caught cheating.

  • Years ago my best friend and I invited our boyfriends over to hang out at my place since my parents were out of town for the weekend. We were making out on the patio when my bf suggested that we swap. I kinda knew he had the hots for my friend, but whatever. We said ok, let's give it a try.

    My friend's bf came over and I gave him head, but it was like dealing with a wet noodle. He couldn't get fully hard. When he finally got hard enough to get a condom on, we tried to fuck and I guided him in, but he got soft again. He said sorry, and looked nervous and embarrassed. I felt bad for him, kissed him, told him to relax, slow down, all that stuff, but he never could get it back up. On the other hand, my bf and my best friend went at it like crazed rabbits. At least they had a good time, but it was some lousy sex on my end.

  • I was a drunken lame screw in college for sure, had a hard time getting it up for most girls because of anxiety and severe depression and I couldn't relate to anyone. There were the few women who I felt comfortable with and the sex was great, but those that I couldn't get myself together for, I'm sorry about the awkward and miserable time I caused you.

    I was was someone's worst sex ever

  • That time I went to visit a girlfriend who was telling me she and her friend wanted to have sex and when i got there it was her and two other guys. I let them fuck me because she told me it would be hot and I wanted to fuck her. I didn't get to fuck her, only the other guys did. The two guys fucked me every way you can imagine. She called me her little fag after that.

  • Hot, did you enjoy it?

  • It was ok I guess. I mean I didn't think I'd like being fucked by two dudes but it was actually pretty fun. I think the fun part was how she taunted me and commanded everyone to do what she wanted. My ass was work out though.

  • Seriously? That is twisted.

  • Yeah

  • How about getting his pubes caught in your clit piercing?Not fucking fun at all.

  • The worst sex of my life was during college. This guy was really nice and we had gone out several times, I decided maybe a night over at my place would be fun. He had no clue how to even please a woman and after about five minutes of him fingering me and licking my nipples, I thought I would get him a little fired up so I started sucking on his cock. I licked and sucked on it for about fifteen seconds and had a mouth full of cum, he got embarrassed because he came so fast. He told me he had to go because he had an early class so after he was gone I got out my toys and gave myself some pleasure. He then stopped answering my calls and texts over the next week and when I saw him on campus he waved at me then kept walking.

  • Sorry about that. You we’re just so hot I couldn’t help myself

  • You need a real man to fuck you?

  • A guy took off his pants and his cock was smaller than my pinky finger. And the times I got raped. That was lame too.

  • What did you do to make it happen?

  • Lots of these stories invoke anal and shit. Have an enema before anal sex, then you wont have shit all over you

  • Don't be so sure, we were told that, but brown waterey mucus still appeared on my husband's penis

  • Worst sex I ever had was my third night in the state penn. Four Black guys cornered me in the shower and took turns dry fucking my ass. I shit blood for three days after, finally went to the prison nurse and she calmly told me next time to use some grease from the deep fryer in the kitchen. Fucking cunt.

  • Getting my dick into the hottest girl in uni's asshole only to discover she makes a noise like Janice off friends "eh" "eh" "eh" and my dick was covered in her shit. My dick looked like a chocolate corn on the cob, corn everywhere man

  • Thanks. I just had chocolate ice cream

  • Sorry dude!

  • Probably when I was having a 69er and I did a fart in the guys face....3 days of veggie broth too. You can imagine the smell, he actually nearly threw up. He was limp in seconds LOL

  • My wife and I have been having awful sex for over a year. She has this IUD in her cervix opening and I can feel the wires scratching my knob. She's had them trimmed shorter but I can still feel it. She refuses to get it removed

  • Nope. Not real

  • I think you'll find it's indeed real. Google it.

    "The strings could feel sharp to a man's penis depending on how they were cut," says Marashi. "The strings should always be cut straight, but if a doctor newer to IUD insertion mistakenly cuts them at an angle, this can cause the string to feel needle-like." (Especially if your partner is long enough and the sex is deep enough

  • It is real, my hubby can feel my strings x

  • When i was 23 I was once nutting in this older woman (49) really hard and I felt a weird sensation and she started yelping turns out she had surgery for a prolapse a few months before and I ripped her stitches.

  • I was seeing my college teacher. I was 17 and he was 52. We'd had sex a few times but he always begged me, to let him take me anally. I'd never done it before but agreed. I was stood up bent over the footbed while he licked my arsehole, then he stuck a finger inside me which killed in itself! Then he plunged his dick into me full force, it felt really painful and I needed to poop bad. He slammed into me like 3 times and come inside me, then he pulled out, my arsehole made a big bubbly noise, then a large poop smacked onto the wood floor. It was so humiliating, I stood in shock, face bright red while I watched him put a sock on his hand, pick it up and toss this huge long poop out the window, muttering how it would block the toilet. Things cooled off after that and the worse thing was I was his student for another year. I've never told a soul this

  • The best!

  • Howling at this!

  • Oh...My...
    You win

  • Met a sexy guy and was on my knees sucking him off outside the club emergency exit, and just as he started spurting his seed in my mouth, he vomited all over my head. The chunky variety. The cab driver refused to let me in the car, so I had no choice but to ring my 70 year old nan, (parents on hols) who stopped right outside the club entrance in her fiat panda asking loudly how the vomit managed to be on top of my head. Line of people all taking pics. Worse night ever

  • A guy I dated put it in my ass one time and it triggered a poo reflex. It was a surprise. For both of us. It was one of those "time out" moments but the vibe was destroyed.

  • Use an enema before anal sex.....

  • Pulled this stunning lady, blonde, tanned , took her to bed, kissing her, sucking her breasts, she pushed my head down to her pussy, she had a ton of matted pubes, and her pussy was red raw with yellow gunk around her urethra. The stench was unbearable, she kept pushing me down and because I'm polite and was embarrassed I licked her out. Worse experience of my life, tasted like trout.

  • Fucking nasty!!

  • That's so gross! Barf!

  • This older female I worked with who was around 25 and I was 17-18 had a friend invite me to party. I noticed they kept trying me to stay and not drive. She flirted with me the entire party but I actually was trying to hook up with another girl. The guy where the party was at was the same guy (Greg) who invited me told me to go in a bedroom where (Lillie) was already in bed waiting for me. She told me to come over when she started to kiss me. It was hot to be getting a chance at an older hot female. I was drinking so I wanted sex. She went for my buckle and I remember her saying she heard I had a big one.
    I’m thinking to myself I’m going to get worn out or I’m about to wear her out.
    She admires my cock then proceeds to rub and then suck on me.I get in bed next to her when I noticed she’s in her panties. I can’t wait to fuck her but she wants to suck me off so I just tell myself a blow job is way better than anything. After a while I tell myself to just go for it so I reach into her panties to play with her pussy. She’s kissing me and sucking my cock back and forth so I decide to touch her face while we kiss when I notice an odor. I remember putting my hand inside her panties so without making it noticeable I smell my fingers and they smell like rotten tuna. At that point my mind says hell no and my cock starts to go limp she tells me to put it in her.I get up and say this isn’t right trying to make any excuses to leave. She can’t beleive what I’m saying and says it ls totally fine. I put on my clothes and leave when Greg sees me leaving saying something like that was fast. Worst night ever

  • First time having sex. Leg cramped badly and I came in like two minutes (with a condom on). She also missed her period that month which made me think that I was a 15yr old daddy despite wearing protection. Made me fear sex for years.

  • I once dated this very sexy big hunk of a guy. He swept me off my feet, I fell for him big time. We finally got to bed and he pulled out this 2 inch stringy thin micro weiner, and *tried* penetrating me with it. It was soul destroying i couldn't feel it, I was distraught.

  • Oh my God what happened? 🙊

  • Had to end it. I felt sick like I'd fucked a teenage boy, but I could not stay in a relationship with a micro weiner.

  • I tried to go down on a date once when she said "No, you can't, I'm having a herpres outbreak." Sure enough, the evidence was there.

  • Crusty pussy lips from the sores??

  • Herpes? What did you say? 🙊

  • I had a girl cuff my feet and hands to a bed at a hotel thinking she was about to go crazy on me but no she fuckec some black guy and then shit on my face and said your the worst fuck I ever had

  • I had a one night stand that told me to stick my finger in her ass during doggie which ended up with her taking a huge load. awful

  • It was that time with your mom. Yecch.

  • Why do Americans say this? It's like the lamest come back ever.

  • I know in it!

  • Hey! His moms pretty hot, best fuck I ever had.

  • The reason she’s so good is because he’s an asshole, and that’s where he came out of!

  • I'm female and my mother is no longer with us but there you go.

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