Men in panties

I'm a married man that wears panties what is okay with that now I want to start wearing leggings or pantyhose any thoughts

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  • I purchase plastic panties off the net so very sexy initially I thought they would make noise when walking or sitting but they don't they are so sexy all day.

  • I wear PVC panties purchased off sissy stores from the net, they are specific female style panties but made for the male size are so sexy.

  • Darling how are you progressing ?

  • Thank you

  • I'm alright today I'm going to waer a nice green cotton bikini panty . My wife has been waering some of the new panties I bought her she looks good in them .

  • That sounds great sweetie, I really hope you progress to full on Femme cross dressing you don't have to be gay or bi as most males I know are very straight but adore the situation when ever they can, we have two couples that come over for a BBQ about every third weekend males dressed and made up it is fantastic, in summer we use our pool females only in bikini bottoms and males in full bikini or swimsuit so sexy.

  • Nice but I would be on the bi side I have played with a couple of guys I was waering leggings and panties they like that you can hear them talk at adult bookstore .I like how they run their hands up and down my butt and cock .Today I got 5 pairs of bikini panties the wife 3 pairs and 2 new bras

  • Very disappointing I really thought you had a good chance of being a decent straight cross dresser with support from your wife, it is so easy being bi but you will learn it's not too nice you poor prick

  • Today I got 5 new pairs of panties The wife 2 new bras and 3 pads of panties all bikini type . I'm not a full cross dresser Just panties leggings ,tights and pantyhose I have played with other men do a little bi

  • We discussed my husband wearing lingerie and I supported it taking him shopping for pantie and bra sets 20 months ago, he could not put a set on without getting a massive horn "not a good look" so we decided that before he dressed I would give him a blow job, vaginal and anal sex that did the trick and he started cooling down, now it is just natural for him he only wears panties 24/7 and puts his bra on when home.
    Please talk to your wife and have her support you it is very good, you will be a lot better and happier person

  • Does your wife know, if so go as far as you like if not talk to her.

  • Go for it been wearing panties for years then starting wearing pantyhose too favourite colours purple and blue you won’t regret best place is outdoor love wearing them under my jeans the feeling as you walk along is so hot the way they cling to your every move the sensations mmmm

  • Nice I do that too with or without panties? I have worn leggings to adult bookstore

  • Do it then you only live once

  • Yeah don't.

  • Enough of this old man cross dressing tranny shit. Nobody wants to see an old man dressing as a woman with a beard and man hands and an Adam’s apple neck. It’s not fooling anyone.

  • Well it is just so good, I don't flaunt it in others faces just adore doing it at home, so very sexy.

  • I wore panties all the time for four months, then decided just to leave them in our normal washing to gauge my wife's reaction, after the next wash day they were neatly folder in my underwear draw with a new bright pink pantie and bra set, next wash same thing with a bright gold pantie and bra set plus a red satin teddie and light green nightie, I was certainly in the open and so happy, that night we discussed how far I wanted to go with it, slowly I have almost progressed to full FEMME dressing with makeup, wigs, heels etc. the whole hoot but I only do it at home.
    My wife is pestering me to go with her to walk our dog in our local public park fully dressed, but I am not sure yet.

  • Yeah, I have a thought. You are fuckin queer.

  • Your wife doesn't mind my 9.5cock I'm so queer sounds like you need some how about a ATM

  • So why did you ask for other peoples thoughts if you don't want to hear them? Didn't mean to offend you, but if you like to wear female undergarments, you ARE queer. Won't be long before you are taking the man meat up your bung, if you aren't already. Open the closet door, grab your rainbow flag, and join in the nearest parade, you cute little poofster.

  • I prefer garters or corsets with stockings. I love the feeling of stockings, lace tops, they make me feel sexy even if nobody knows that I’m wearing them. I often wear my panties and stockings out in public with my jeans on.

  • I prefer leotards on girls

  • Gareth you dickhead this post is about MEN wearing lingerie, try to pay attention you fuckwit.

  • I know that I also like wearing women panties and bra and leotard when I not got a female at my house in school st llanbradach

  • Good for you sweetie my husband started with panties, bras and nighties wearing at home about five years ago he has slowly progressed to full on femme with makeup and heels, he has all his own female gear, we often go out with him dressed if he says nothing noone knows, keep at it xxxxx

  • Thank you woman's panties are comfortable and you if buy panties the gets some too we are two different sizes she's a 6I'm a7 please take care

  • Initially I used to purchase his lingerie then he started coming to the store with me but it did not take long for the girls to realise we were buying for him then he started going in alone without embarrassment, the manageress gave him a proper fitting after hours, he was humiliated but at the same time liked her seeing him naked and feeling around, we are so lucky because on the slack he has a very nice smallish package so is totally suited to off the rack gear as long as he does not get a horn.
    When I was doing his makeup and wigs he always got a roaring horn but now he is so used to it and dose his own.

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