The Lust of it All

I have this burning passion in the forefront of my mind, this overwhelming desire that tries to take over my actions. I want to get a woman pregnant. The act of it all is appealing, the raw sexual attraction, the nails dragging, the biting of flesh, the release. The desire to see our labor bare fruit and the erotic display of a woman with child. I don't only want to do it once with her, I want to do it over and over again, as long as she is able. It's always there, burning with desire, just waiting to become reality.

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  • You, very obviously, have NEVER seen a cunt popping out a baby. There's nothing "erotic" about it, in fact, they would have to hand you a vomit bag !

  • YEP! I thought I was seeing my first born sons head coming out of her...... NOPE, it was my wife's bladder. Next two kids, I sat on the couch and watched from afar! Took me a year before I could go down on her again.

  • I used to fuck this guy when we were 19, barely knew him dated twice, and when we had sex the first time he said "baby I wanna get you pregnant" I thought it was bizarre. Didn't see him for 7 months then he rang asking if he could visit. He walked in we kissed and had sex and again he said "baby I wanna get you pregnant." After he come he said i gotta go now. I wasn't happy that he come visit just to use me. So I waited 2 months and text him saying I was pregnant. He was appalled. I said you told me you wanted to get me pregnant? You did. Never heard from him again, he even changed his number! Fantasies ain't all its cracked up to be.

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