Outdoor nudity in Sherwood Forest Park (Ashwaubenon WI)

I wanted to post this for any readers who live in or near Green Bay, Wisconsin...

My wife and I lived in Ashwaubenon until recently. We lived within walking distance of the village's Sherwood Forest Park, which is accessible off of Shady Lane and Mesa Lane/Trissino Way.

Unbeknownst to my wife, I used to walk all around these woods completely naked when we lived there. Most times it was at the crack of dawn, when my wife thought I was going out for my morning exercise. I was...but what she didn't know is that I was getting my exercise in the nude. Also, since I worked out of a home office, I would go out there throughout the day while my wife was at work...taking a work break by enjoying total nudity in the summertime air. I would always end my little walks by plopping down against a tree in a clearing someplace, masturbating over thoughts of my long-legged prick-tease wife getting fucked by two of our neighbors while I watched.

And I never was seen, let alone caught. Not once. These woods are THAT secluded!

In fact, on one 4th of July weekend, when my wife left me home alone while she went on a weekend trip with some girlfriends, I got up at 4:30 in the morning so that I could walk the entire main trail through these woods in the nude. It was fucking awesome!

Think about THAT if you make your way out to this park to check it out.

I'm posting this because I want others who live in the area to know that Sherwood Forest Park is a great place to indulge in outdoor nudity if you've ever thought about it. Take the time to explore the various sections of the woods that are off the main trail, like I did. You'll find they all have different flavors to them, both in terms of eroticism and seclusion.

Enjoy...and, please, report back if you do go out there!

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  • Look out for naked kron bears

  • I live in De Pere WI, only ten minutes from Ashwaubenon. I saw this post and was intrigued enough to check out this park (fully clothed).

    I walked the entire bike trail through the woods, from Trissino Way on the one end all the way to the little pond alongside Shady Lane. There's also a side trail that loops around in full view of houses along Sherwood Drive, so I assume you didn't go there (or did you?). I gotta tell you, the thought of anybody walking the length of that trail in the nude made me REALLY hard. I've been jerking off to fantasies about it ever since, and I'm determined to get back there in the early morning to try it out myself.

    Can you give me some guidance as to where exactly you stripped and walked around?

  • OK...so if you enter the main biking/walking trail at the Trissino Way/Mesa Lane entrance, walk down the trail ~300 yards to where the first of two wooden footbridges crosses the creek that feeds into the pond on the other side of the park. There are two footpaths here that will take you back into what I always referred to as the "deep woods." You'll see the first footpath on your left about ten yards from the bridge; the second footpath veers off to the left right when you get to the bridge. The first footpath will take you into the deep woods while the second footpath takes you along a trail that parallels the creek. I used to take the second footpath and then veer off into the deep woods from there. I found myself a spot that I referred to as "the beach" (due to its sandy soil) and I would strip naked there.

    Then I'd proceed to roam all through the deep woods with nothing on. Whenever I'd do this at the crack of down, I'd walk the full length of that second footpath that parallels the creek all the way up to the pond. Somewhat risky since there are several spots along this footpath where I'm completely visible to the main biking/walking trail across the creek. Still, if it was early enough it was usually safe...but I always had to be on the lookout.

  • Followed your instructions to the letter this morning. Followed the first footpath you mentioned into the woods. I found a large tree off to the side where I stripped. Then proceeded to walk around sporting a raging boner! The moist dirt and the leaves beneath my feet felt incredible. I confess I didn't last very long. I was out there maybe fifteen minutes before I shot a huge load all over some tree bark. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW ABOUT THIS...I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK!

  • Good for you! There are other sections of these woods that you'll enjoy exploring, also. Be sure to check them all out like I did. As for walking the entire length of the main trail in the nude, the only time I ever did that was VERY early in the morning. Like I said in my original post, the only time I was able to walk the entire length of the trail (from Trissino/Mesa all the way to the pond along Shady and back) was at 5:00 a.m. on a summer morning when the day's are long and sunrise comes early. You can try walking portions of the main trail in the nude at 5:30-6:00 a.m. (I've done it) but you run the risk of bumping into early morning walkers. Just keep your eyes and ears open if you do this. You don't want to get arrested!

  • Was the first 2 paragraphs really necessary? You put it all in the title.
    A very very boring story.

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