Lusting After Sister, Wearing Her Socks and Clothes

I'm a guy, growing up, around when I was in 7th Grade I started to notice my sister who is two years older. She is pretty, and was still a good deal taller, heavier and stronger than me, which I was sort of ashamed of, but also turned on by so much.

She would often prance around the house wearing nothing but little athletic shorts, boxers or spandex, a tee shirt and long white socks. She did Irish dancing, which made her legs really strong, and she was naturally thick while I was naturally scrawny, puny, only 4'10 going into 7th Grade. She would point out how strong and thick her calves and thighs were, and how skinny and small mine were by comparison. I would be so ashamed and would laugh and I also thought it was so hot.

I had read about how around these ages the girls mature faster than boys, are often bigger and stronger even if they are the same age or a little younger. Oh did I endlessly feel a mix of shame and delicious humiliation from seeing this with my sister. Just like how I loved seeing how girls my age and even a year younger were often so much bigger than me too, and probably stronger I'm guessing.

It was around this time that I would notice that sometimes after my sister would do a long Irish Step dancing workout (with weight lifting mixed in), she'd go shower and leave in the bathroom her pile of sweat drenched clothes of little boxers, spandex or athletic shorts, a tight tee shirt and whatever pair of long white athletic socks she had been wearing. She'd wear the socks made for Irish dancing or long white Nike or Adidas socks or calf length Hanes crew socks with pink toe stitching, or bobby socks that went up to her calves.

I thought all of them were so great. When I was in the bathroom by myself with the door locked I would put on these sweaty dirty clothes to look like her, loving how feminine and degraded I felt wearing her sweaty clothes, loving that I looked a bit like her in them. Most of all did I love her socks. I loved that on my scrawny, shorter legs her socks went up much higher. Her socks would go up only to the high part of her longer, thicker calves, but on my legs they'd go up to my knees and over them. I loved how it all made me feel like such a weak little girlie boy and I would jerk myself off like crazy. I jerked off while dressed in her clothes at least 1000 times.

Around that time my sister beat me in arm wrestling, which I loved. Beat me up physically, which I loved. Crushed me in basketball, which I loved. Once I saw that she was curling heavy weights, heavier than any that I could lift and I said how I was amazed, how I couldn't even pick up the weights she was curling. She turned to me, and patronizingly said: 'That's 'cause you're, like, a girl.' She would call me girl names too like Judy and Sally and Becky. I craved it and I think she started to sense that I did.

One time I fell asleep on the couch and woke up in her bed. I came out of her room and asked what had happened, and, in a moment of gentleness, she said how she saw I fell asleep so she decided to pick me up and put me in her bed. She managed to do this without waking me because I was still so much smaller and lighter than her that I was easy to lift.

One time when I was in my freshman year in high school, still a small and scrawny person, I found an old white formal dress she used to wear to things like church, which was probably from around the time when she was in 5th Grade. I slipped it on, and it fit me really well, because at 14 I was probably about the size she was at age 10, probably smaller. I found a pair of her long white knee socks to wear with it and felt like such a lovely little girl as I jerked myself off in that outfit. I wished she would catch me doing it and then scold me and make me finish jerking off. She did like telling me what to do and I loved it whenever she did.

Fortunately my attraction to her has subsided, and now she's happily married with kids. I wish I could say that she never figured out how deep this went with me, but I think she did notice how I would stare at her beautifully sculpted legs, how I was so embarrassed but so happy when she would demonstrate her strength over me.

Now I just need to find the right woman to be a sissy for, a bigger and stronger woman who I can wear panties and stockings and makeup for while I clean her house, massage her feet and then eat her out and get pegged by her hard in my boy-pussy, again.

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  • My sister is seven years older than I am and used to wrestle me into submission leg locking my head with her pussy rubbing right on my face. I would just give into it and one day started getting a hard on, she noticed it and while pinning me down pulled down my shorts and started pulling on it. She was slapping it around and yanking on it telling me what a bad cock I had, I was getting more turned on by the second with her crotch sitting right on my chin. I started to orgasm from all her pulling and slapping and she giggled with delight watching me try to keep going without being touched then she would just barely touch it making me ache like crazy.

  • I'm no trained head shrink, but it sounds to me like you might be harboring some suppressed homosexual tendencies. You are also likely suffering from significant self esteem issues, brought about by the humiliation you endured from being a scrawny little bitch when you were younger. You might consider seeking professional help, before you find yourself bent over in a gay bar with a line of HIV positive fags ready to pump your ass full of Aids.

  • You must be mentally unstable then.

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