Penis Size Question

I had a playmate, and when we were kids, and bathing together, his penis was pretty small. So was mine, if, maybe a little bigger than his. However, as adults he was the size of an egg roll, while soft, but his erection measured eight and three-quarter inches, big around as a paper towel cardboard tube. Another kid I knew, at five years, could lay his across the toilet rim while pissing. He was at least four inches while soft. As an adult, he was rather normal at six inches. Makes one wonder, what determines penis size ( other than luck ) and, are there any indications, early on ?

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  • That’s a good question and genetics doesn’t always play a role! I was with a guy for awhile and started dating his brother after. Both where in their 20’s grown adults and one was average size about 6 1/2” long 5” around. The other was 8 3/4” long and 6 1/2” around allot bigger. Same mom and dad they looked very similar and was same height and weight. But there was a huge difference in noticeable size visually and during sex so I know for fact genetic doesn’t play a complete role!

  • Look take no notice of these geniuses just pull yourself off as much as possible OK.

  • So you are a pedo too?

  • Penis size is mostly determined by hormone levels during the prebuescent period. Once a male reaches full puberty, the size of his penis is fixed, and will not vary more than a half inch or more. If you have a small pecker, learn to live with it, and enjoy it. Like I tell my wife, it's not the biggest thing in the world, but it gets me off every time.

  • Penis size is determined by three factors.

    1] Genetics.
    2] Genetics.
    3] Genetics.

    I trust this clarifies these matters for you.

  • The earlier and constantly you start masturbating by pulling yourself off the larger your penis will be when you grow.

  • WRONG.... I've been pulling twice a day for 30 years and still the same. FYI to OP.... avg size is 5.5, you're probably average, and if you're below avg, master giving oral. Women prefer that anyway and if you can go down skillfully and know how to play with the G-spot at the same time you'll be a hero to all your ladies.

  • I am with you %100 on the oral. I had a one night stand after a holiday party with a coworker and she was astounded when she had orgasm number two from me. I had not even put my penis in her yet and she was exhausted telling me that she had never in her life had so much pleasure.

  • One time a fat guy said he was 7 inch but we all thought he was 4 at tops he whipped out a ruler and proved us all wrong so fat guys look smaller than they really are just proves we’re all different

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