Wife becomes a slut

Wife and I have talked about her having sex with other people and at first she didn't want anything to do with it. after some talking and fantasies of sex with others she wants to try. she went out on her first date with a guy she had meet on another site, when she came home she was a mess and was full of his cum, we had some of the best sex we had ever had when she was telling me about it.
now she is having guys over to our place and she has sex with them all over the house. she has said many times she is glad that we open when it come to our sex life and loves the fact she can have sex with who she wants to and I don't get mad ay her. I love the fact that she has turned into a slut and I hope she never changes.
she wants me to set up a threesome for her with two guys she doesn't know and wants me to video the whole thing.
well its set up for this afternoon and I plan to video it and post it on the net, I sure love the slut wife I have and wish some of you guys would come over and have your way with her!!

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  • I agree coming home to a wife’s pussy full of cum is great

  • The best sex you can have is from a slut. I married one and she fucks anything with a cock over 7 inches. Nothing like coming home finding the wife nude in bed filled with another mans cum. The wife is always up for sloppy seconds she never says no. Love a slut just nothing like it.

  • Well, I guess if it;s true you'll post a link. Hope you all have fun

  • Thats good so hot do you let the guys to creampie her?
    where do you post the video I want to see it please tell me the website

  • Does your slut love taking it up the arse ?
    I live in a unit complex and just opposite is a couple that constantly do anal doggie style with curtains always open, I have a magnificent view with a telescope I can see the freckles on her arse I know they are aware of me watching and am certain they adore it quite often she looks and smiles directly at me, when finished she usually turns her bum to me and lifts it and gives a little wave over her back, so horny.

  • Lucky lucky man, I want this so bad

  • My wife became a total slut as well. I love watching men fuck her and have some amazing vids of that. I also hope she never changes. Now how do I get her to fuck another woman.......

  • Just keep pestering her, my wife has been in a lesbian relationship from before we were married, I often walk in and they are in the bedroom shagging and playing together naked, I even go in to get changed and they don't mind it is so sexy watching and have them discuss things while I am there she often says Darling show Anne you wonderful cock or come here so I can give you a blow job while Anne is busy with my cunt etc. just great

  • That video please

  • Now let's see that video, chap.

  • I asked my wife to have sex with my mate who is socially awkward and has never had sex and he is 34. After my wife said yes which took some convincing I had convince the guy. I ended up with the two of them in the lounge and me telling them it was OK and I wanted them to do it. Fuck who would have thought it would be that hard to get a guy to fuck a woman. My wife is sexy & good looking. So he was just so unsure of himself.

  • I spent my life in high school thinking I was a total freak. I would fantasise about sex with everyone. Boys in my class and girls too. The teachers. Parents. I would fantasise about being raped. Although actually when my class mate was raped I was shocked at how devastated and violated she felt and gave her tons of support and we actually became close friends but at the same time I was fantasising and jealous in a weird kind of way. you can see why I can't talk about this at home.

    Anyway after I left school I started going to clubs and I started going to this BDSM kink club. I made some friends there and that was great because I found that there were other people with weird fetish and even if their thing was different to mine at least I could talk about mine.

    Anyway one day I was chatting with this other girl at the club and we ended up agreeing that she would tie me and blindfold me at a party and let other people fuck me. She said she would make sure they wore condoms. I was like a party game. It was a total mindfuck. I have no idea who fucked me. I was really sore.

  • Nice! I too want my wife to get filled with cum from other guys, well done.

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