How can I fuck a married man?

One of my biggest fantasies is being able to fuck a married man at least 1-3 times. I don't want someone to leave their wife for me and I don't need their money because I'm in a situation. I'd like to know if I was considering doing this, how would I pick up a married guy without resorting to Tinder? What types of things do married men look at in other women when they know their wife isn't looking? I'd love to blow a married guy who is being neglected by his wife and I'd totally ride him like a horse. I like men who won't want a relationship with me, just sex and small conversation afterwards and a cigarette :) How do I pick these men up without my friends knowing since they'd judge me? Do I also tell them that I don't care if they are married? Nothing sexier than a taken man who isn't be fucked by his wife. I'll do it if she won't.

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  • I would love to have you suck on me while I call my wife and talk with her. I would then turn you around and enter you. That is my fantasy.

  • I’m married, come over.

  • Adultry is a sin, punishable by an eternity of burning in the putrid fires of Hell. God will punish the evil whore who tempts the married man, just as badly as the man himself. Why do you desire to lead a man down the path of evil with your wicked temptations when there are so many single men who you can perform your sinful acts upon?

  • Should not be very hard at all to find a man to do this. Oh, by the way, do you live anywhere close to Nashville Tennessee?
    If so I will gladly oblige your desires.

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