Old sex roles need to stop abusing lives

Offensive "wild oats" concept
I find it offensive people talking about how its ok for any man to sow his wild oats, that is vulgar and how does it label the women he comes upon to sow them with? they are someone's daughters, sisters, or wives or mothers. let them go sow their wild oats in a sex doll is what I say. when you are a woman or a parent of a daughter etc you want better for them. my parents never ever told my brother that it was ok to sow wild oats or any oats. that is offensive and I tell people stand up against these stupid old concepts that are insulting to women bodies, identity, value and rights.

these old sex role concepts are out of date to use phrases like sow wild oats. its offensive. its abuse.


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  • As long as you're not sowing genetically modified oats. That's bad for the environment !

  • It's called naughtposts not naughtywhine. Don't be such a sensitive cry baby

  • 'you're such a cry baby!' That's what everyone told my friend after she was raped.

  • LOL

  • Sex dolls can't get pregnant, so yeah I guess it's better for men to have sex with a sex doll.

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