This is my porn...

I’m an insanely horny guy (29yo), always have been. My wonderful gf of four years is great and when we do have sex, it is fun. But her sex drive has dwindled so much lately and, although we are trying to make it better, it’s not enough for me. Even when we did have lots of sex at the start it wasn’t enough.

Long story short, I consider myself a freak. I’m very open minded and love open minded people as well when it comes to sex. This site has become my porn. I love reading about people’s confessions of past events or their fantasies. Anything from family sex, masturbation, to fetishes. It all turns me on just imaging the writer thinking these things, or reliving them, especially from female authors. I get so hard for a woman who has those sexual desires and minds and keep praying I can turn my gf in to one of them.

Just know that more often than not, I’ll be jerking it to your confessions.

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  • Yeah, I wander if your gf isn't fucking someone else. Mine was, she didn't want sex so much either after a while. Not saying she is but you might want to keep an eye open. Not that it really matters, though

  • If your GF sex drive is dwindling this young your in for a forever of masturbation not long down the road.

  • Well something must be missing to be on here.

  • We’re here for you.

  • You're welcome!

  • It's good to know we can help out !

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