Sister's boob job

My sister is 36 and divorced. She was always pretty average looking until recently. To get back in the dating game, she's been working out a lot, got a boob job, new hairstyle and makeup. She looks hot, although I never thought of her like that before.

She came over a while back and we were alone, just drinking coffee and chatting. I jokingly asked to see her new tits and to my surprise she lifted up her shirt and then unhooked her bra. She let me touch them and, after I asked, let me suck them. Her nipples perked up and looked amazing. She was obviously turned on, breathing deeply too.

I sucked her tits for a couple of minutes and then she said, "Stop it, you're going to make me cum, and that would be gross." She put her bra back on, pulled down her shirt, and that was that. I see her all of the time, but we never bring that moment up.

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  • I had my tits done a couple of years ago (went from a small B to a full C) and it's a confidence booster for sure. I bought a lot of new clothes to show them off and let several friends touch them. Your sister was just enjoying her new toys and for sure appreciated the compliments.

  • Ha ha It doesn't stop when you're older. I'm a 42 y/o female and I had my boos enhanced a couple of years ago. I didn't go all "porn star" on 'em, I just had a little work done. Anyway I was at my brother's place and he has a pool. When he saw me in my bikini, I could tell by the look in his eyes that he noticed them. I asked if he liked them and he said "yes".

    He didn't touch them, but we made out. We long wanted to passionately kiss each other and we finally got our chance.

  • Cool

  • That’s so cute.. you could’ve fucked her

  • Super hot story. Nothing is nicer than a man sucking tits.

  • My neighbor had what she called a boob lift, not sure what the difference is but they look really great regardless. She had on a new bikini which was showing plenty of skin and I told her she looked pretty hot today. She spread her top to the side and gave them a giggle, I gave her a thumbs up then asked why she never dropped her bottoms for me. She turned around and slid them to her knees then bent over showing me her lovely waxed pussy. I told her to bad she was married or I would love to play with her all day. I guess it was about two weeks later she walked over in the afternoon and told me her husband went to Reno for the weekend.

  • Thats pretty hot

  • I've found often that females with new boobs like to show them but unfortunately get over that.

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