Finding out the wife likes to be caught having sex

We enjoyed having sex when possible, outdoors, in a new work van, in my job site trailer. When my wife wanted sex we found a place. Once in a while I thought someone might catch us, or be watching. Not close up, but close enough to get a good look at her. A few times when she was on top of me, with her top still on she would ask if I wanted her to take her top off? Yes was always the answer. She had to no that she would be more exposed if someone were to notice what we were doing.
I asked her if it would excite to find out that someone saw us having sex. She said if we are having sex then she was already excited. Not what I was wondering, but a good answer.
We saw a spot while canoeing, about 60 feet up on the steep rock wall that looked to be a flat spot big enough to lay back and relax. We had walked the trails on both sides and never saw this spot it was about 40 down from the top.
One day we decided to look for this spot, while in the canoe we did our best to find things along the river and the woods across the river to help find it.
We found a way to get down to this area and it was great, a good view of the river and the tree's on the other bank, and quit and it looked like no-one had been there before.
After a while of relaxing and some food and drink, I lay back down. As I did that my wife stood up and dropped her shorts,I looked out to the water and saw know one, she sat over me and started pulling my shorts off, She sucked my cock for a few minutes and then said I want you inside me. She layed on her back and I started slow and got to a point that she was moving to the edge of the area we were on.
I told her we needed to move back, she said I want on top, ok. So I lay on my back with her on top rolling her hips, and riding me both slow and faster. At times she would raise her arms to the sky, as she did this she asked if I wanted her top off? Yes, now please. A few minutes later with her on top still, I thought I heard something,I turned to see if I could see anybody, I waited a minute or two, as I was looking out she never missed a beat. I then saw a canoe and kayak coming around the corner, With her on top I knew if they looked up they would for sure see her and by her movments would know what she was doing. I told her they might see her. She asked if I wanted her to stop? not really then I'm not going to.
At this point I knew they would be in an area that she could be seen, I asked her to raise her arms up and let me feel her chest , she did and I felt her chest for just a few seconds, in hopes that they might by then notice her.
I looked at her and notice she was looking out at the water, I asked her if she thought they could see her? She said yes they are able to see he, are you sure ? Yes they waived to me. I told said if I feel your chest will that be ok? yes but not for long they will be out of sight soon. A few minutes later it would be getting hard for them to see her, She then stood up and waived goodbye, and wanted me on top again to finish her. Somehow, once she starts she does not have any problem if someone see's her.

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  • Any woman with a sexy body is an exhibitionist. This includes married women.

  • I think she would like a surprise, like adding another guy or two. She wants to be taken.

  • Maybe she likes to be watched pickup web caming with couples that way you can watch also and shared your fun times together

  • I would think she has more than being seen in her mind. Just not fested up yet.

  • I wish my wife were more of an exhibitionist

  • If she has a sexy body, she is.

  • Very boring story.

  • Letting you know its not all about you.

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