Worst track record for sex probably

I’m a submissive guy and like I was happy to have a girlfriend especially a dominant woman. Now a year on and I feel like I might have the worst track record for sex than anyone. So I didn’t have a single relationship until I was 18. Not even a kiss. At a family convention when I was 17 my 18 year old 2nd cousin who’s a guy took me into the toilets and kissed me, pushed me down and made me suck his dick. It was at that point I knew I was submissive. I ended up going out with a ratchet black girl who’s very dominant. Basically the first two weeks we were going out she made me take her on expensive dates and buy her loads of stuff. She then put me into chastity. We didn’t do anything sexual (not even kissing) for a month and then she started cheating on me. She started doing it in front of me, and then about 6 months in she let me clean the cum out her pussy after she gets fucked. I’m her official full time boyfriend and she’s my girlfriend and we’ve met each other’s families but behind closed doors she gets fucked by real men and I clean her out, and I’m lucky enough to sleep with her. Like I’m a scrawny little white guy, she’s taller than me and stronger than me. My dick is like a cm below 6 inches, most of the guys she fucks are 8 inches or 9 inches, so who would blame her for refusing my useless dick. I’m lucky I’m allowed to eat her out. Haven’t been out of chastity since it came on. My dick has probably shrunk even smaller. If I break up with her she keeps the chastity key, if she breaks up with my she keeps the chastity key. So for my sake I must stay with her forever. And In that case I’ll always be a virgin

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  • Man this story makes me wanna gonna go jump off a bridge

  • She's a fuck head.
    So let her know

  • Your dick is not small at all, at least for me. 8-9 inch is way too big. I think Asian girls will prefer a penis of your size. Anyway, even though you’re a submissive, this is way too bad, bro. Break up with that bitch, go to a doctor to unlock the chastity and find another relationship where a girl appreciate your dick inside her pussy.

  • There was at one time a VERY popular video game that perfectly describes your situation. It's called "Doom" !

  • Actually, you dick is quite average. I wouldn't call it useless. plenty of women happy with an nice average dick. I've done quite well with my average dick

    At this point you choose what you let a woman do to you. You can let her love you or fuck with you. If you like her fucking with you then you stay.

  • Yeah, I think you should seek counseling for low self esteem, or something, this does not sound healthy.

  • Why don't you ask her if one of her men will fuck you? Otherwise I;d suggest hitting the road and trying again. Nothing wrong with being alone, prostitutes are there to help. try to be safe and happy

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