Huge cock too much for me - so we split up

Until recently i was seeing this guy, and he had a huge cock. Long, wide and strong, it was a monster. He was tall, we'll built and handsome, most girls dream guy. First time we had sex and he penetrated me i was like OMG, lucky me. Afterwards i was sore and felt stretched. Next time i slapped in the lube, it helped, but i still felt broken afterwards. I tried to limit the sex we had, He would make me cum, i enjoyed it, it just left me sore.
It's not all him, i have a very small and shallow vagina, as I'm kinda petite. I tried all sorts, even sucking him off every night to save my vagina, but in the end i realised i couldn't do this all my life and broke it off.
Have any women experienced the same?

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  • My husband has a thick penis. I usually rub lots of lube on him before he penetrates me, and he fills me up I more ways than one.
    Feels amazing!

  • My ex had a large penis and yes I was sore but I eventually got used to it. I really liked the guy and wanted our relationship to work and of course sex was a part of it.

  • You will get use to it and it will be better than with a normal size guy. My wife is 5' tall and 100 lbs. And she has had sex with many very large men. She prefers large penis because of what you said. She likes to be stretched and the full feeling. It is proven that larger men give women better orgasms due to the fact it pulls their clit down and rubs against the penis and fills the inside walls for full stimulation. Just lay back and relax. Maybe a drink or two to loosen you up in more ways than one...

  • Your pussy will eventually stretch just don't let him put it in so far.

  • Kinda feel sorry for guys with big cocks, bit of a handicap really, we just don't want something that big rammed in us. Lol 😁

  • It's nice once you get used to it.

  • Darling your really missing something the only reason you would say that is you have a man with a real little dickie.

  • Ha ha, why are men obsessed with the size of their cocks. Having a bigger one does not make you a sex god lol
    It's all about matching. Some women need bigger some need smaller, but most need average.
    I think it's so funny that you can't comprehend a woman not worshiping your oversize cock, that the only possible reason is that i am a man with a small cock pretending to be a woman to defend my manhood. Ha ha ha ha ha

  • I hate big cocks too and cocky guys I tend to like thicker men with bigger harts

  • I always used to tell my gf ( now ex) that I wish I had a bigger dick to pleasure her with,she would say no way it would hurt.But she cheated on me with a friend who had a huge dick and I think she's still banging him now after I dumped her.

  • Yup, once they get that bigger cock they start to distance themselves from you. Get really quiet and never say a thing.
    I know cause it happened to me when my girl met up with one of her friends brothers and when I discussed it with her she admitted his big cock made her feel like she never felt before.
    I didn’t need any more explanation I moved on.

  • You really should persist with getting it in your bum darling, start off with your boyfriend fingering you as much as possible then start wearing ever increasing sizes of butt plugs plus lube up, ensure he goes slow when entering and does not start humping till your comfortable.
    Darling you will both love it, it might pain a bit the first few times but keep at it.
    When your girl friends hear he is hung like a horse I bet their eyes light up ?

  • Wow really glad to hear i am not alone. It seems we are all taught big dicks are the best, us girls should dream of huge cocks and guys should feel inadequate if they are not well hung. It seems its rubbish, it's all about fit.
    Since i posted this and after we split up, we have hooked up, still feels like a horse lol. 😥

  • I have a shallow cervix . Well I did until I tried a 7.5 inch girthy whopper. Balls deep every time, you get used to it. Wouldn't fuck anything smaller now.

  • How long did it take?

  • I'd say 4 months of sex every weekend. X

  • I'll admit that my twisted mind enjoys finding/exploiting unintended meanings in statements of all kinds. I know that you meant that you had sex every weekend for 4 months. But ... I laughed real-time at this idea ...

    You ... having 4 months [worth] of sex ... every weekend!

  • I wish! Ha ha!

  • I experienced this with my ex but eventually got used to him, I was still sore a lot.

  • Sweetie you should have tried it in the arse

  • We er tried. Shhhhh, he couldn't get it in, even with a lot of lube. Was my first try, no way that was going in there

  • God are you thick?

  • Bet the little bitch would not be complaining about copping it in the cunt then EH ?
    What a slut so many women just adore extra large cocks and this one is unhappy.

  • Its worse after birth and stitches when they cut your asshole and vagina you know. buy him a sex doll and work out other sex or just go separate ways, a lot of people /couples are compatible in all ways but the bedroom and it breaks up on that. no big deal. just trade him in for a new one.

  • Wtf is wrong with you I think guys care more about dick sizes more than any woman

  • Same here. don't worry. time it will stretch or you find a way or move on out of the relationship.

  • Checked past tell all well go ahead and tell it all. see if I care. I am not ever someone I make out i am not. i am so under-rated and deliberately modest and live a stoic life sure. go tell. tell what i was as a kid and teen or young adult. it will only confirm what i have said.

  • What? I’m sorry, are you crazy?

  • My cervix tends to be low, and one time I had a bf who was about 8". Way too big. I was always telling him to slow down or be more gentle, because it hurt. We broke up for different reasons, but my guy now is 5" and I couldn't be happier about it.

  • I have not had sex with many guys, but i would say the biggest before this one would be no bigger than 5" and the smallest 3.5". I honestly think the smallest might have been the best fit, but it wasn't much to look at lol poor guy

  • Gradually you would have gotten used to the size.

  • It’s true not all women are made the same and some just love your avg suze

  • Said no woman EVER

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