Is this a vague invite for sex?

I'm a 47 year old male who has been married to the love of my life for 27 years. I have to add that I by far got the better of the deal as my wife is still thought to be in her mid - late 20's and is hot for any age but extremely hot for 47. Now with that said we need some help with different opinions and want to know what others think.

My wife and a friend of hers is leaving soon for a girls weekend in Southern Florida where we own a 4 BR - 4 Bath beachfront condo. Before I pose the question please allow me to give a little background information. Several years ago we had a smaller unit and both my wife and her friend had kids still at home that would always be with them when they were together at the beach. Due to the kids and this condo being small my wife and her friend slept in the master bedroom. If the story ended there I wouldn't think much of it but as I heard more comments from my wife I got a strong feeling that her friend actually had the hots for my wife. Not in a love type of relationship but more of a being at the beach where there is skin and drinks everywhere and wanting to experiment and have a wild time with my normally VERY conservative hot wife. My wife told me of a night they were getting ready for bed and her friend wanted to compare breast and see how firm my wife's were. I do know they were topless and she said her friend felt of each very fast and that was it. She later told me of waking up during the very early morning to find her friends hand against her ass. Later after we sold that condo she went as far as saying that she didn't want to say it back then but thought her friend was actually wanting a little action with her.

Now fast forward 8 years to now and they about to go to our new condo and it will just be the two of them in a 4 bedroom condo. As of now my wife plans to at least offer for her to sleep with her in the king bed in the master bedroom which will allow them to lay there gossiping and solving each others problems until they fall to sleep. I told my wife that it may appear to her friend as an invite to have some fun they didn't have years ago and if she did invite her to not be shocked if she test the water to see what kind of reaction she gets.
Please don't misunderstand this as being an argument because its not. I'm fine with them in the same bed or totally different bedrooms. In fact I'm a man as you know so actually find it somewhat hot to think about. I think deep down my wife is a little turned on by that chance too but will NEVER admit it to me.

My Question: If you were her friend how would you view being invited to share the bed when there is 3 beds sitting empty? #2. How do you view it just hearing this short amount of details.

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  • Hey I'm in South Fl.... give me the address and I'll keep an eye on them for ya...

    Your pal,

    P. Tom

  • Perhaps your wife could offer the sleeping arrangements in an offhand way, like , "your own room or you can bunk with me for old time's sakes" and let it go at that. If sex is supposed to happen, it will. Good luck, and, give us the details !

  • I like that idea. I actually would be surprised if anything much went on. I think both of them are turned on at the thought of it but don’t see either of them stepping that far out on a limb

  • I am female and have a lesbian friend that my husband knows about, we started by sharing a double bed at a motel while on a drive holiday together, it is so great being with a girl hope your wife finds this out.

  • As I said above I think both are turned on at the thought and both of them know that. The other trips they would go for the entire week with the kids and I would go for the weekend. The days before I got there I think both put on extra sexy and loved to tease the other plus me and the friends husband. My wife would call and say something like You missed it I went ahead and wore the sexy bikini today but will wear it again for you. We are about to go out to eat and I have on the skirt you like. I might have forgot the panties.
    My imagination would run wild the rest of the week

  • Definitely an invite for sex, but I’m a guy and maybe a woman wouldn’t automatically think of it that way

  • That’s my thoughts too. My wife says she don’t at all see it that way but I have to also wonder if she knows it’s an invite and it’s going to serve the purpose she wants it to serve. She has never been even close to having same sex action but I can tell it’s something that heats her motor.
    I wish I could be a fly on the wall

  • Maybe tell her that you are totally fine with it just so long as you get the details afterwards.

  • That’s exactly my thoughts. The truth is if it happens it happens so no sense in my getting upset. I want to enjoy the details

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