Girls, what age did you first masterbate?

Hi, I'm a freshman in college, and i was chatting to my roommate and the subject of 'alone time' came up. I.e giving each other space for masterbation now and then. We kept talking and she was quite open on the subject. She said her first time was when she was 10. I think i was 13, she could orgasm by 12, i think i was 14.
So i wondered, girls, when did you first masterbate, and when did you first orgasm? Feel free to share the details if you feel comfortable.
I'm Emma, and this is my first post btw

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  • I'm 11 an I masterbate an yes I can orgasm an even get wet ... I first masterbate at age 4 it felt great an my momma let me do it .

  • You go girl. Got a cool mom too.

  • I started very young maybe 8 or 9 best I remember. I don't think I had an orgasm until I was 10 or so. I do it weird though. I use the corner of a table and I grind on it. My mom and dad would catch me all the time doing this when I was little. I still do it this way because it is the only way I can make myself cum.

  • Want to chat

  • 12 and it was my cousin (F) who was 16 showed me how to do it. Orgasm well 15 was the first time I really remember having one.

  • I think I started 13/14 not too sure but definitely before 15 because by then I was in full swing and that age I got my first dick too.

  • 13 / 14 seems pretty standard, i guess that's when puberty is in full swing. Boobs are looking pretty impressive and we notice the attentions of boys / men. 15 to lose your v card seems quite young, did you enjoy? Em

  • No 1st time wasn't enjoyable,actually hurt like hell.Sex afterwards was pretty standard to be honest with guys my age not even being able to give me an orgasm,up until 17 anyway when I noticed older boys noticing me.

  • I started to masturbate regularly at around the same time I got my period, 13 years old. I masturbated before that age, but I didn't know what I was doing. I had my first real orgasm when I learned that other girl's were using an electric toothbrush on there clitoris. I was fantasizing about other girl's and older women who would teach me how to have lesbian sex, my gym teacher was a big fantasy of mine, I would think of me eating her pussy and orgasm. I was always sexually attracted to older good looking women with large breasts. I have never had sex with another girl or woman, but masturbating while fantasizing about having sex with a woman has always been my go to, if I want to have a orgasm

  • Electric toothbrush is interesting, i guess one of the sonic ones not the spinning brush ones (ouch). My dad had one of those razors that vibrated (for seemingly no reason) and the rounded handle end was perfect as a vibrator. Doubt he would ever have guessed what i was using it for, when he wasn't shaving his face with it.
    I have never had lesbian fantasies has that always been your thing? Em

  • I got bored with the toothbrush after a couple of times, I like to use my fingers most of the time. I have had many different types and sizes of vibrators and dildos over the years. I'm in my fifties now, I have all kinds of fantasies at this point. But lately I have been fantasizing about teenage girls, I have a great sex life with my husband, but love to masturbate everyday. My man bought me a sybian vibrator to masturbate with. It's the most amazing thing to sit on, I always orgasm when I use it. I had my first experience with ejaculation using my sybian, and now I can squirt when I want to. It became easier and easier every time I use it. Every woman should have one

  • Would love to watch you ride it

  • Hell, I'd love to be her Symbian vibrator operator.

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