I'm a married man but love cock too!

Even though my wife pegs me pretty often, I love to meet other guys for a little play. I'm not into kissing or hugging them. I just love sucking and being filled with a real cock. Do others here?

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  • Dude, I know what you mean. Except you have it one better, at least yo it r wife knows and will at least pegg your ass. Mine has no idea. So I'm stuck with using , and hiding, my own a bunch of dildos. I fuck my ass and jack off every day after she goes to work, sometimes for hours, but always with the help of a phone call to the tranny phone sex hot line. This gets experience sometimes, my wife has only questioned our CC bill one time. I lied my ass off to cover it up, I f think she believed me, because she never said anything about it again.

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