My Goal is a 10 inch Cock

Ive only ever been with one guy who is not very thick and only about 6 inches, but i need more! I want to have a nice thick cock to fill me the way i wish. I want to feel and see it in my stomach! I have a dildo but nothing beats the real thing!

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  • I am a married white wife and I had the same cravings. I started cheating a couple of years ago with a black guy I met at the gym. He was amazing and he was huge. My husband is average size 6" but this guy was at least 10" and so thick my hand wouldn't fit around him. I have never felt so much pleasure and such intense orgasms in my life. I have continued to have sex with several different black men since and all of them are bigger than average. I can take them easy now and the bigger the better now. Length and girth is the best. My husband has no idea what I do even though I cheat several times a week. I am addicted for sure

  • There are women who crave big cock. Some can handle a big cock and enjoy it. Do as you please

  • I don't like a cock over 8 inches long, it can be to long, but there's no such thing as to fat.

  • How about being filled with multiple average cocks at once?
    Just because he may be huge does not guarantee he can last long.
    My wife’s boyfriend was very well endowed and she told me he would come very quick. She admitted it felt good but women need it to last.Im 6 inch but very thick. I may not be able to go very deep I can fill her pussy

  • A big one can ruin you.

  • It will ruin you because you will only want big from now on. I'm a wife that has this problem and I love it! Bring the big ones all day long.

  • My ex was big and I loved it.

  • Good luck with getting your guts rearranged !

  • Just do a 3-way with two guys with 5-inch dicks. Problem solved.

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