My brother

My brother is probably the luckiest guy on the planet because when I was around thirteen I decided that I really wanted to see a real penis and touch it. He is two years younger than I am and the whole time growing up he followed me around all the time wanting to do whatever I was doing. I had even made him do some of my chores when needed and he gladly did them never complaining about it. It was summer vacation and we were home all day with me in charge of watching him, not like it was hard to do he pretty much entertained himself these days with building Legos or other games. I was in the middle of yet another sex quiz about men and what they like when a thought popped into my head and I wondered if he would let me play with his. I went to his room and started talking to him then told him I had a question for him but he could not say anything to our parents about it. He was completely okay with it, told me what ever I wanted to do was good with him. I told him to get up on his bed and I just felt like it was going to easy and for some reason I did not want him looking at me. I told him to put his pillow on his chest and just look at the ceiling, silly I know but that is what came to my mind. My heart was racing and I had goose bumps running thru me as I started undoing what ever he was wearing and pulling it down. I saw the base of his penis as I slid down his underwear and it popped right out and landed flat out on his torso. I began running my fingers over it and then pulled his pants all the way off and told him to spread out his legs. His balls barely had any pubic hair and he had just a little bit on the upper side but what amazed me a little bit was how big his penis was getting. His penis has a large head compared to the shaft and for some reason it looked different then the pictures I had seen online. He laid there laughing sometimes because something tickled or telling me sometimes that it felt really good. I did not do any oral on him that first time, I just stroked and played with it until he had an orgasm which made a really big mess on my hands and him. I told him not to move while I went to the bathroom and washed my hands then came back with a wet wash cloth to clean him up.
I spent the next several weeks playing with his penis a few times a day sometimes, I had read about morning erections and the nick name morning wood. I wanted to check this out and see if he did that so one day I got up early when I heard my parents getting ready to go to work. They were surprised to see me up but as soon as they had been gone for about fifteen minutes I quickly went upstairs and quietly entered his room. I worked his covers back and sure enough his penis was big as ever pushing his pajama bottoms up like a tent. I worked his bottoms around some then undid the button, I pulled the opening wide until the head came out of the hole then started just running a finger around it. I must of done that for half an hour and he never stirred around at all while my fingers circled his head and stroked his shaft, he was really hard and I could not believe how hard it was as I ran my fingers over it. I was rubbing the bottom of his head and I felt his penis contract a little bit, I kept on rubbing it and it contracted a few times then I saw a little bit of fluid run out of the tip. I slid my finger thru it and spread it around the head, I was so turned on by his penis and playing with it. I stared at the tip and how shiny it was with the wetness and just leaned down and sucked it into my mouth, I remember immediately loving it for some reason. I gripped the bottom of his shaft and began licking the head around the ridge and then the bottom because I read that this was the most sensitive area. I knew he was going to orgasm so I just began sucking on the head while he began to wake up, he started breathing really hard telling me that he was going to do it soon. I just closed my eyes and sucked on him until I felt and tasted his sperm filling my mouth. I was enjoying it a lot and to this day I have no idea why I love the taste of it and love the feeling of a pulsating penis head in my mouth sliding in and out while I suck on it.
We kept up this relationship for a few years with me instigating play times now and then when I felt like we would never get interrupted but summer breaks were mostly when all the playing happened for us. When I was around seventeen I guess he really became interested in my body, he had not really said much at all about touching me the whole time and was perfectly content letting me play with his. One day during the summer I brought up playing with his penis and had just began to stroke and suck on him when he asked me if I would also take off my clothes. I thought about it for a second and then stood up and took them off then went back to playing with his penis, he was looking at me and watching my breasts I suppose because his eyes were not looking at mine for sure. I stopped sucking on him for a second and began a slow turn around positioning myself in a sixty nine, I heard him let out some pleasurable curiosity and felt his fingers a few minutes later. He mostly just rubbed and spread me out a little bit just looking and touching. I finished him off with some nice hard sucking then rolled off of him and laid down on my back, I told him to put himself between my legs and I showed him what made me feel good. I pulled my clitoral hood back and showed him where it was and what it was for as well as some techniques for making it feel really good. He began exploring again and then started licking me for the first time in long slow strokes getting me very wet. His first oral experience was not that great for me because he needed a lot of instructions to get me to orgasm so I tried to be patient and let him do his thing but he was not getting me there so I started talking to him.
We kept this relationship going even after I went away to college. The first few weeks I came home for the summer were filled with oral sex for hours each day mostly because I did not have a boyfriend at all during my first year and only masturbated a few times a week. During my senior year I became a floor resident so I had a room all to myself which was a serious blessing, I could play with myself using some great toys and I was much more sexually satisfied but still no serious boyfriend. I had a friend over one evening and she was very beautiful with large breasts and a really nice rear end, we had a few classes together and sometimes would compare and work on homework together. We were just talking on this particular evening and she told me there was something she wanted to try and in one smooth motion she leaned over and put her lips on mine. I was shocked but very into it and responded right back with kissing her, my hands started roaming in no time at all and I was cupping and rubbing her breasts thru her shirt.
We moved it to the bed and kissed mostly for a while just having some foreplay rubbing each other thru our clothes so I made the first move and slid my hand up the front of her shirt. I pushed her bra up over her breasts and began fondling them, soon we were both naked and I was on top licking and sucking her nipples while she laid back enjoying it. I made my way down her body and began licking my first pussy, it was great and I loved how she tasted. I had been licking my fingers after rubbing myself but to have my tongue diving right into a sweet tasting wet vagina was beyond great. Once I started licking her I did not stop until she was pulsating against my mouth having a great orgasm, I gently kissed her labia and licked her some more but she was jumping and telling me that she was way to sensitive after her orgasm for that and told me to lay down. She started kissing me again then licked her way down to my breasts, she licked and sucked on them getting me very aroused and wet while she was using her leg to press into me and rub my clit. I was about to have a small orgasm just from all of this stimulation but she began moving down again and then kissed and licked me so lightly that I could barely stand it. When she finally started licking me with some pressure my clit stood on end and her tongue had me moving around from all the stimulation. I had an orgasm in no time at all from her concentrated tongue work circling my clit and her lips sucking on it, I had never had such a big orgasm as she gave me.


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  • My step father was very restrictive with our family, we never did anything we wanted it was always his plans that were done. I had a list of chores I did weekly and my brother basically took out the trash once a week. If anything was ever forgotten we were spanked so I always made sure my chores were done. My brother used this against me and would do things to get me into trouble just to see me get spanked, one day he came into my room and told me if I wanted the spankings to end I needed to do something for him.
    The next day right after school he came into my bedroom and pulled out his penis, he told me if I suck him whenever he wants it then I would never get spankings.
    I have no idea why but I told my husband to just every now and then just spank me then make me give him a blow job. I get very turned on and anxious just waiting for him to do it day to day and sometimes I just kneel at the front door waiting for him to walk thru it and make me suck him off.

  • The dynamic was the other way around with my brother, he is older than I am by eight years. I became his personal blow job giver when he was around fifteen, he was pretty much my sitter for a long time. My mom worked two jobs to get us by and when he turned nineteen he joined the military. I had no idea what I was doing but he always told me to keep it between us. He was never mean or forceful about it he just asked me one evening if I would do something for him and that is how it started. I could barely fit it in my mouth so I did a lot of licking and stroking but he always told me to swallow all of it. I have always been a submissive person and now I pretty much do the same thing for my husband. He comes home and has sex with me a lot but at least once a day I give him a blow job sometimes morning and night depending on his mood or day.

  • He is not the only lucky brother. My sister did not start as early as you did and she is four years older than I am and has a really sexy body. I remember seeing her in bikini's that were a few years old and thinking damn she has to know that she is exposing a lot of skin. She came back from college for the summer after her first year and asked me one day if I wanted to play with her naked and I had a lot of fun with her.

  • Very sexy..

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