He had the PERFECT Dick... (part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

This became sore of a little 'game' we played. I sucked him off every day for the next couple of months. I would always 'just happen' to drop by and find him taking a nap with his monster dick hanging out and I would suck him off.

Toward the end of the Summer, it was a really hot afternoon, and I was in a mood to get buzzed but also to end our little ‘game’.

I got rip-roaring stoned and confessed to Kip that my last boyfriend constantly wanted to have sex. I told him we screwed a few times but for some reason I didn’t enjoy it. I told him that that’s how I discovered that what I really liked was sucking, which I didn’t understand either, but I didn’t care.

I explained to Kip that my boyfriend really loved to fuck, so BJ’s weren’t enough for him and he broke up with me.

I told him I LOVED the feeling of a fleshy dick in my mouth and I especially loved how it felt when it was growing in my mouth. I confessed that I saw him in the bathroom that first day when he was drying off from the shower. I told him I fantasized about sucking it all the time after that day.

Kip told me I could suck him as often as I wanted but that he wasn't going to do anything because of me being underage. I was totally fine with it. Sometimes I would even sneak out from home and come over in the middle of the night, crawl into bed and start sucking his dick while he was sleeping. I would turn on the TV, put my head on his stomach, flop his dick up to my mouth and just softly suck.

I would repeatedly suck him when he was soft and the feeling his dick growing in my mouth would totally get me off, and then I'd let it flop out of my mouth and get soft again. Suck and repeat, suck and repeat, and eventually he would come in my mouth. After he came I would just suck myself to sleep. I remember waking up with his dick in my mouth a few times!

I always made him come right away just so I could suck it for a long time because it was so easy (and still big and fat) when he was soft. When he was totally hard it was too fat and made my jaw hurt.

God, how I LOVED sucking Kip’s perfect dick!

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