I was a slag

When I was 14 I used to hang around with a group of 18 year old boys. They'd always flirt with me and I guess i loved the attention. One weekend they asked if they could see my tits so I flashed them. They took it in turns kissing me while sticking a finger up me. I just sat there and let them do it, they even stuck their beer bottles up me and flicked their cigerette ash on me. 13 years on and I see these guys daily doing the school drop off.I hope and pray they've not blabbed to anyone.

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  • If I was your daddy I would have had your pussy long before 14, once it grows grass it is too old

  • My daughter was a slut at same age now she is 23 I want to have sex with her x

  • Trust me they are reminiscing over it every time they see you.

  • I'd love to watch my wife do this. I dream if her being fucked like a slag. Hell I wish she was a slag!

  • A few of my friends and I did similar, but from the sounds of it, not as much (or beer bottles) with the one guy's sister's hot friends. She was the type of girl who, though younger, would dress hot and always be with older guys. Would get in whomever's car we had, in the back seat, and lay on top of us. We'd grab her ass, body, and crotch, especially when she wore tight or stretch jeans and a showy top. Girl was just a little sex toy, and we had our fun with her.

    I know we all got in a few fingers on/in her, mostly when she'd join us at night for ride-arounds. Getting that young little slut in the back seat with 2-3 guys, she had no chance. We all knew her background and lousy family situation, and that she ate up any attention from guys, so, she was kind of easy pickings to handle and do things to.

  • I literally had to move from Oregon to Washington State because of things similar. I know how you feel. By the time I was 14 the whole town called me a slut.

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