My bf got me addicted to beastiality

It started with him asking if he could cum all over my tits, and let Max lick it off. Max is his black boxer. He’s a beautiful dog, he really is. We did that a few times.

Then one day he called Max over while I was on my knees giving him head, and directed Max to lick me from behind. This got me super wet, especially when he shoved his fat slobbery tongue deep down my butthole. Then he jumped up, wrapped his paws around my waist and started fucking me. It took a few minutes for it to click in my head that this was a dog behind me. Omg I couldn’t believe this was happening and how amazing it felt! I had never even considered doing this before meeting my bf. clearly he enjoyed it because he shot the biggest load ever in my mouth.

After doing this a few times over the next few weeks, I found myself craving it more. One night while my bf was working late, I had just finished taking a shower, and Max came into the room while I was in my towel. He was looking at me in a way that I knew what he was thinking. I dropped my towel, got down on my knees, he ran up, tail wagging, started licking my tits and neck furiously, then moved behind me, as I got on all fours. He licked me from behind for a good 3 or 4 minutes, then lunged up and started fucking me. His doggy dick was so huge and hard. It’s bigger than my bf ‘s and he isn’t small. He fucked me for a good 15 minutes or so before I felt his hot doggy cum shooting deep inside me. Omg I had to take another shower!

I thought maybe that would curve my cravings, but it did the opposite. I was officially hooked that very night! This was 6 months ago. Even though my bf lets him fuck me once a week or so, it isn’t enough, so I’ve been letting him fuck me when my bf works at night, which is 3 or 4 nights each week. So basically Max fucks me a lot more than my bf does now for the past several months. I wonder if he knows, but he’s never asked or acted like he was suspicious. Sometimes I wonder if I should tell him but I don’t know how he would react so I don’t.

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  • My BF did the same stunt on me too but know I crave Brut's cock more that I do my hubbys.

  • Amazing

  • Would u let him fuck me I'm so wanting this

  • You really want to try

  • Please please please tell me more. I truly love your story xxx

  • Omg marry me x

  • Please tell us more. I’d really like to hear more from you xx

  • You sound like my dream girl x

  • How much semen does he spill inside You? Estimate?

  • Awesome good girl never stop doing it
    dont tell your boyfriend that you do it more often than he knows maybe he would not understand you keep it your secret ;) are you interested to learn about other animals pleasures ?

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