Had sex with groom and bride on their wedding day

So at the weekend my friend got married. We have been friends since we were young so i was her maid of honour. When it came to booking the hotel for the night before, she asked if i could book one less room and i come in with her as she was nervous and wanted a friend. Fair enough. That night in the room together she recalled the time i came on to her 5 years ago and she rebuffed me, but she wanted to get with me before she got married, just to 'try it out'. I'm known as being bisexual, and have liked her since our teens so i was happy to oblige. She stripped of and i was in awe of he toned body, perfect head to toe, with perky boobs and a shaved innie pussy to add to the mix. Straight away i ate her out and gave her a big orgasm and then we 69d both orgasming off each others tongues. Next day, at the wedding, it felt weird, and she kept smiling at me, having enjoyed last night.
Fast forward to about midnight, everyone is drunk, and i meet the groom outside getting some air. He started telling me how hot i was and it was a shame to men that i was a lesbian. I explained i was bisexual, then he asked for a favour. He said he was worried about blowing his lad early tonight and could i give him a hand job to take the edge off, saying he needed stimulation. I don't know why but I agreed and he whipped his cock out and i started jerking him off. This was making me horny, but also it wasn't working for him, so i shoved his hand under my dress. As soon as i felt his fingers on my panties, i lost it, turned round, and pulled my dress up and he entered me. A few tumbles later i felt his hot load inside me and him slide out. He was very grateful, i was still horny and picked up a guy/boy of 19 who satisfied me in a store cupboard.


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  • Wow, did the bride ever find out that you fucked her husband?

  • Omg no, we are best friends, she would kill me if she found out. Doubt he would be too happy i had slept with her. Each only knows their half of the story. Have you had a similar experience?

  • I've been a bridesmaid a couple of times for friends, but no, never did or saw anything crazy like that. The most we did was just talk about sex a lot and think about the bride and groom fucking later, lol.

  • I think both bride and groom look forward to and worry about wedding night sex. I hope my friend and her husband had good sex, they were both pretty wasted and he'd desensitised himself in me. I hope he got it up, had some stamina, and some reserves lol he didn't last long in me ha ha

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