Anal shame

Last week I watched a video my husband and I made a few weeks back, after we had a few drinks. I was on my knees, ass up, face down on the bed having the best anal screw of my life. My husband was squatting over my ass with his feet on the bed. It was deep and extremely orgasmic. He pulled out and splashed his seed all over my ass which dripped down my pussy. After he turned to the camera to switch it off, the camera was focused on a close up of him, I was totally humiliated when I seen, what can only be described as heated up weetabix all over his prick.

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  • A little mud on the turtle is to be expected when visiting brown town.

  • My ex boyfriend was a real pervert. He was Absolutely arse obsessed and loved anything anal. One of his kinks involved liking it when he did me up the arse and it getting a bit messy. He used to call it earning his Brown wings.. I think some blokes like that sort of thing.

  • Wow

  • I would not worry. You both enjoyed yourself which is a great thing. Most men understand the risk of ‘accidents’ when having anal sex with their wives or girlfriend. It happened once with me and my ex girlfriend, we both laughed about it.

  • Oh boy....

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