Wife needs to be gangbanged

My wife has lost interest in sex for quite a while now.we used to do evrything butt anal. now it's bother time and hurry up. no foreplay not even lick her pussy any more. well the other night we were watching tv and a woman had been gangraped, called cops and humiliated by all the question thrown at her. my wife looked at me and said she wouldn't call the cops as she would be too embarresed to report and would let it go. she would let the perps do whatever they wanted to do to her as long as she wasn't hurt. she said she could not fight off one much less 4 or 5 she would just let them abuse her and leave. i asked what if they stuck their dicks in all her holes at once and was told that well; maybe it would be done with faster,but she would try to talk them out of raping her anally.i told her that if they were raping her they would rape her anyway they wanted.as we talked about this i started getting a hard on and she just talking about how she wouldn't tell anyone about being raped except me. now i think about her being raped by 4 or 5 guys all the time. i have had other encounters with women maybe it's time for her to have one or 4 i think i i could easily set it up for her pleasure. any ideas?

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  • I absolutely want to do the same thing to my wife mmm so hott!! Four or 5 guys taking all her holes yes we can help each other

  • Why not just ask her if she would go for you blindfolding her and allowing several guys to take turns on her. I did something similar one night with my girlfriend. After drinking we came home and I had been talking to a guy I knew about him fucking her and he loved the idea. He lived in same apartment complex as us so one night after drinking a lot I got the courage to call him over. The room was dark and and let him in and she was positioned doggie. I made an excuse to go to the bathroom and he cane right in and started to fuck her. She knew and felt the clock size difference immediately. She made comments like... your cock is sooo huge tonight. Your cock feels soo hot I think I’m going to cum. She had no idea he fucked her. Next morning she made several comments... how sore her pussy was and she never felt pounded like I pounded her last night. True story.. my 5.5 in cock vs his 8 thick cock
    Size matters buddy

  • Wow, did he shoot his load in her?

  • Maybe try it

  • Yeah, I am pretty sure not wanting to tell about a horrible experience is not the same as enjoying it.

  • Do what you want, there are no good outcomes.

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