She became and escort

My wife is a very sexy mature woman, when we are out men keep checking her out. She never dresses sluty but very sexy. I talked to her about escorting she was not up to the idea at first because of her past life when she was divorced and all the men she well dated. After a while after I stopped talking about it, I brought it up once more. Met a man named William and he was in the area from out of town and asked if I knew anyone who he might have dinner with, told him I would get back to him. Told her about him wanting a dinner date, she said ok as long as I was nearby. Made the arrangement to meet him at his hotel dining room. He was taken back by her looks and what she wore(naked under her dress). They made small talk ate had drinks, then they got up to leave, I thought the night was over,wrong They left the dinning room and went to his suite. The desk clerk gave me his room number just in case. About an hour she came back to the bar and set at a table not with me. Her hair was a little messed as well as her make up.
Strolled to her table and sat down asked wtf was going on. She said sitting by herself was a signal she might be available. Told we are leaving, ok. On the way home she told me they had sex he was surprised she was naked under her dress, it was good sex she said. When she got ready to leave he gave her $300.00, wow. So now when he is in the area he calls her for a "date" and she meets him. Every now and then she might "date" someone else, because he gave them her number. She is really into this part time escort thing.

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  • She is doing more than part time now. She really enjoys the attention and the cash.

  • Wish I could get my wife to become escort

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