Pussy licking

I love feeling my brother in laws tongue running slowly up my slit.

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  • Queen Elizabeth ii seems mad. everybody is saying she has lost her marbles and the accident with Philip has only added to it and how stupid they look and what they expect of people and how they think we should see all these royals as makes no sense anymore.

    I always thought E2 was like a motherly figure but was I wrong! She always seemed so impressed by simpleness and young single mothers with babies rather then serious things , that is how she came across to me. She didn't care if you worked or educated so long as you shagged and had babies you were doing a good thing to E2, I mean how simpleton!

    I think the english royals let down most white girls in the commonwealth. That is all I am going to say, people were brainwashed and their media dramas stole into our lives because we were so poor we needed a hero or a heroine and romance to believe in. We needed that because we had no hope and no money and no futures and the media were telling us that, all the time. Make way for pregnant ladies and single mums and old bags and black women and ethnic women.

    E2 forgot her own kind! I feel hurt and let down like she betrayed her country and her people and she betrayed white women from their rights in a evil way and why did she do that? she will take that betrayal to her death ! she has caused a lot of white women to be half educated drop outs of university and college and on welfare, single and unloved, no romance like diana's fairy tale or her own fairy tail! I think she has been a bad queen indeed. who can ever repair the wrongs now? nutmeg can't and useless kate can't. God I hate them. It would be easy to say I wish they were all dead, but I wouldn't want to feel bad. I hope they live long enough to feel real isolation and pain like they did to their own people!

  • The definition of "relative humidity" is the sweat dripping off his balls when he's fucking you !

  • Do you rim his ass?

  • No, he just licks me.

  • Yum

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