I masturbate with a knife

Im 17 years old. My parents got these really weird silverware for free. One of them was a knife with a thick and heavy handle. I got really horny one day and was bored of just using my fingers. I looked in the kitchen in a desperate attempt to get filled from the inside. Now i keep the knife in my room and use it whenever the house is empty (cuz I'm always horny) it makes me SCREAM with pleasure so i am very happy i found it

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  • Okay so I'm sittin' alone,kinda reminds me of the song by Vern Gosdin, the first line,"sittin' alone by the telephone wishin' you would call"I have cried and I guess I will have to say that I am not okay right now,funny about the comments

  • Then you might be a transgender buttermilk

  • You might cut your d*ck off

  • Уеан окау sо уоц маsтцгьате шiтн а кпifе,щну dоп'т уоц gет dгцпк апd see what happens,g.d. butterknife

  • Wow don’t use the wrong end

  • You wouldn't need a knife if u had me ;)

  • They would need a rope?

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