Fucked by Moms boyfriend

When I was 16 I was fucked by my moms boyfriend.
My mum had me at 19 and was 35 at the time of meeting Daryl. They had been dating for a few months and one night they had been out and came back both drunk. I was still up watching TV and my mum let me have a drink with them. I only was allowed two Vodkas but they had a few, within a short time my mum was wasted and Daryl helped carry her upto bed. He came back downstairs and started we started watching a comedy. He continued drinking and started to ask me about my boyfriend, we had a graphic conversation and he told me to make sure I am careful.
He then said when he gets drunk he gets horny and hopes he doesn’t wonder into my bed, I just laughed but at the same time it made me really horny, the thought of him coming in and fucking me.
After about an hour I said I was tired and I went up to bed and quickly fell asleep. Sometime later I was awoken to someone rubbing my leg, I was lay on my side. I froze a little as I knew it was Daryl. I was trying to control my breathing and pretended to be asleep.
Daryl the slowly rolled me onto my back and lay next to me, he then put his legs in between mine and used it to part my legs open. I was wearing a top and just knickers. I was really horny but scared so I just lay there, he then began touching my pussy and slid his hand down into my knickers. I let out a little groan of pleasure but he instantly stopped and waited, I think he wanted to make sure I didn’t wake up, I knew what he was doing was wrong but my heart was beaten no so fast and I became so wet I didn’t want him to stop, not knowing if he’d leave if he thought I’d awake I stayed limp and began to put on a little snore.
Daryl continued rubbing my pussy up and down and I could hear his fast heavy breathing. He then slid down my knickers, the excitement was too much but I stayed limp. He then climbed on top of me, parted my legs and slid his cock inside me. It hurt a little at first, I’d been having sez for a couple of years but all with boys my own age, now this was a 37 year old man grinding inside of me, every now and then if I moved with him thrusting he would stop and wait to see if I was awake.
It felt so nice I just wanted him to carry on and he did, he started to get more brave and pounded a bit faster and harder, I couldn’t help but let out sighs each time he thrust. As he banged me harder and faster he began to hurt and I couldn’t take it any more, so I put my hand out onto his chest and gently tried to push him back, this time he took hold of both of my wrists and pinned me down, my head was too the side and eyes closed, the next I knew he was going to cum on me but he knew from our conversation earlier about my boyfriend I was on the pill, he then let out some muffled groans as he came, really thrusting deep into me each time, I actually felt the cum inside me, after finishing he waited to get his breath back and slowly pulled out. I could hear and feel him him Looking for my knickers and then whilst I continued to pretend to sleep and keep my legs limp he put my kickers back on, gave me a kiss on the cheek, mumbled something like “that was so horny” and left the room.
I lay for a moment thinking how bad that was, my own mother really liked Daryl but I felt I betrayed her. I cried and felt terribly guilty. The next day I avoided him around the house and when he did see me he looked really nervous, I joked with him and my mum saying how drunk they both were, he said something like “I can’t even remember going to bed I was that drunk” I knew he was lying and trying to make sure if I did not he would pretend he can’t remember, I just said something like “I was so tired as soon as my head hit the pillow I crashed out for the night”
I couldn’t help but feel really horny at what had happened despite feeling guilty. One night I could hear him banging my mum and I just masterbated at the thought of him banging me that night, I’d had sex with my boyfriend afterwards but it wasn’t the same.
The same thing happened again about a month later but this time as he was about to cum I pretended to wake up and said to him “no, what are you doing?” He just put his weight on me and continued to hump away, I didn’t want him to stop and I actually came. This time after he finished he said he was sorry and was drunk and got horny and asked me not to tell my mum, I said I wouldn’t but it must nbe very happen again.
My mum and Daryl split up over another issue after this, mum said she’d found some naughty texts on his phone from other girls.
What I done was wrong but I was young, didn’t know how to stop him and to be honest I really enjoyed it both times, I still fantasise about those nights now years later and sometimes hope I bump into him. Ironically prior to the first night he fucked me I was never attracted to him. That’s my confession.


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  • Our mother was a very crazy person who was okay with her boyfriend having sex with her 8 year old daughter. I liked him a lot so I let him do whatever he wanted. I enjoyed having sex with him and he had lots of money, he would always buy me anything that I wanted. He was a drug dealer and the police were always trying to get him. He came up with the idea of bringing me with him on pick ups and sales. The reason to bring me along with him was, so I could carry the cocaine up my vagina and up my ass. I was a nine year old girl, who would ever think that it was in my body. I could get two or three oncess up each cavity. It worked very well, we were stopped and the car searched a few times. I was well played and had a large bank account. I was 11 years old when it came to an end, he was killed in a drug dealer.

  • I've had sex with my mom's boyfriend as well. He was a guy named Ronnie, and was half black or Indian wasn't sure. He was just tan. I was 18, and Ronnie was always pretty open about smoking weed. My mom knew, and did it. And every now and again they would let me do it with them. Even though I smoked from time to time with my friends

    Well one night my mom went to work and Ronnie was just chilling on the couch smoking and he offered me some. And I said sure. Well after a joint he went to their bedroom and brought out a bong. And I had never hit one before, so when he offered I went with it and tried it. I almost died from coughing but once that died down I was stoned out of my mind.

    So we were just sitting on the couch watching tv when he starts rubbing my leg. And I felt super sensitive to the touch. Soon after that it was an "accidental" or playful boob grab. Until I could feel myself getting horny. More so than I had ever felt before.

    I think he noticed because he began to rub between my legs over my shorts. And then slipped his hand into my pants and began to finger me shortly. It was amazing. And I had never felt so good from being fingered and I came. Next thing I know he is down on his knees, pulling my shorts off and slipping his lips against my pussy and began eating me out. I screamed in pleasure, and he got me off again.

    After that we were undressed and he had me folded against the couch with my ankles pinned up by my ears and was fucking me.It felt amazing and I felt him cum in me.He took a breather. Smoked another joint, & I had a little more. Not long after we were having sex again on the floor. And then we finished up doing it doggy style.

    After that I made it back to my bed and woke up the next day tired and sore all over.I avoided him for a bit after that, but didn't tell my mom what happened. But I did the same,I would hear them have sex and hear her moaning loudly having a great fuck. And eventually I did fuck him a few more times.

  • I had sex with my step dad, thinking it was my bf at the time. I snook out of my room and went to the couch and started sucking his dick, I didn't realize it wasn't him until he was inside me, but by then it was so good I didn't wanna stop. Til this day it's still been the best sex I've ever had, and he doesn't know I know it wasn't my bf, I played it off by calling out my bf's name

  • My God that was so erotic. Not the act itself but the way you described how it made you feel. Hats off to you, Miss.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. You have nothing to feel guilty about, you did not give your consent, even if you "allowed" it to happen.

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