Fucked a woman who refused to take off her socks. weird

On a business trip with a co-worker. I have wanted to fuck her forever. We were doing inventory at a remote site, and it was hot as fuck in the warehouse we were in, so we were both in jeans, tee shirts and sneakers.That night we went to dinner then to the lobby bar afterwards. I was buying her drink after drink, and finally she agreed to go up to my room. We get there, start making out etc. Her clothes are coming off and so are mine. She is naked except for those little no-show socks. I have wanted to see her feet up close forever (like on my shoulders), so I asked her to take them off. She said no. I said why, and she just said no again. So I set it aside for the moment. It got hotter & heavier and I was hard as a rail spike and wanted to fuck her then. But I also wanted to see and smell those feet while I fucked her. So I asked please take your socks off. She again said no. I am begging you, I said, please. Again no. Her refusal was making me even harder, so I laid her down and started fucking her. I came the first time in about 60 seconds, I was so horny.

I ended up fucking her 2 more times that night, and despite begging her, she would not take those goddamn socks off. WTF? I have seen her feet in sandals before, they are perfectly normal. WTF was her problem do you think?

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  • Why worry about socks? If she's willing to give up that sweet pussy, she can wear scuba gear with flippers, for all I care.

  • She might just feel self-conscious about her feet, she might have a kink about keeping her socks on, or she might just like the feeling of not being totally naked. I dated a girl once who always kept some sort of clothing item on when we had sex (e.g., bra, skirt, stockings, blouse).

  • Seeing her feet in sandals is different than having them over your shoulders and wanting to kiss and smell them. I have had a lot of women freak out during sex when I even got close to their feet, while others loved it.
    They have no idea that when women's feet sweat, they emit pheromones that drive men into our sexual reproduction mode. That's why I always pay special attention to women's feet before, during, and after sex.

  • Eventually, her man will ask her if she cheated. What will she say?

    'What -- you think I got naked with some guy and had sex --no -- I didn't!'

  • Classic power play ! She knew that was what you desired the most, so, she with-held it. You must jump through all the required hoops, grasshopper !

  • Do you know what the definition of rape is? Intentionally getting someone 'drink after drink, and she finally agreed to come up to my room" sounds a lot like sexual coersion, which is literally rape.

  • It's OK because it didn't really happen.

  • It's no weirder than some guy incessantly nagging about socks being worn. You can either shut up and roll with it or no more nooky.

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