White women with big perfect asses

It turns me in to see classy white females with thick perfect bootys even with a little cellulite mmmmm...
To me It just seems like those thick asses were built especially for big cock pounding.
Next time you see a white Woman with a thick round perfect ass let your mind wander.

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  • Hot server girl at the sports bar I go to is very pretty, low back length, gorgeous hair, big blue eyes, and a thick, full ass, especially in tight yoga pants they work in. She's always around the black guys after work. They must love that beefy ass of hers. I know I do.

  • I used to work with a cute married blonde named brenda (no last name) who'd pack her big seat cushion into a pair of tight jeans just about every day. She was walking around with a 40 inch ass minimum, and i'm not too proud to say that i was dying to fuck her. Just thinking about her huge hiney makes me horny still.

  • I got a white woman with a thick ass that I like to dress up in tights and thongs but I like for more than just my mind to wonder if you are picking up what I’m putting down

  • I do it all the time .. matter of fact thats always been a fantasy of mine to do anal with a white woman that has a huge ass ..

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