Popeyes, Blockheads, and Mouth Cunts

On an out-of-town trip, I found a cinema in a strip mall in south Miami, in a bad neighborhood. The ticket girl was this shot-out blonde, gorgeous body and dead eyes. "It's a ' Hellraiser ' film festival, " she monotoned, as though I couldn't read the marquee. I shrugged, and mumbled "Okay". She looked at me blankly. " Lots of sex offenders in there. This is their neighborhood, " she explained. "Actually, three kinds of people : Popeyes, who are all about LOOKING, blockheads, who would just as soon beat and rape somebody as look at them, and mouth cunts, who charge you ten bucks for a blowjob. " She looked at me, expectantly. "I guess I'm a popeye," I finally admitted. " I'm sure not the other two ! " She looked at me with a smirk, and took my money. Inside, a small audience watched raptly as the hooks and chains drew blood and piercing screams. It was almost all men, some were openly masturbating. One couple near me were engaged in mutual masturbation, several men around them stroking as they watched. The men were mostly brown Meso-Americans and a few of them sniffed towards the gaped open cunt. A sweating blockhead growled at them to "Stop fucking sniffing !" and they just chuckled. The blonde from the ticket window joined me, giggling, and went for my cock. " How much is this going to cost me ? " I asked and she smiled, crookedly, saying, " Ten bucks unless you got some drugs ! " I had a joint but I wasn't giving it to her. I paid her ten, and laid back for a fucking great b/j. I felt her tits while a few guys came over to watch and stroke. Onscreen the Pinheaded one promised, "Your suffering will be legendary even in Hell ! " She sucked me with an expertise quite unexpected and within minutes she was catching my ejaculate in a cocktail napkin. One of the brown men spooged on the floor in the aisle, and she called him a "Pendejo ! " He shrank away into the darkness. The blonde left, and I watched the other patrons for a bit.
Later that night I smoked the joint out by the motel pool in a recessed corner. I watched as a young couple swam, then undressed and skinny-dipped, then, fucked. I jacked off while watching them, and I think they saw me. I hope they did !

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  • Bloody nasty. All crusty scabs

  • Yeh gordon smith. that is you. little gordon dwarf elf gnomehead.

  • Thanks for damaging me for life. wtf.

  • Tealous swams.

  • This has to be disgusting bull shit, you have a very warped mind to even think about such shit, seek medical assistance you moron.

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