Girl Who LOVED to suck my Dick...

This happened decades ago but I still remember that Summer like it was yesterday. I was single and was renting a home in a typical suburb. I'd been living there a month or so, and one day I decided to fire up a bowl of pot. An hour later, this young girl drops by and tells me she lives up the street. She said she was walking down the street, smelled pot and followed her nose and asked me if she could have a hit. I said "sure" and handed her the pipe.

This became an almost daily routine. I was 25 and she was 16. She was very attractive but I wasn't about to do anything stupid. One day I was taking a shower and she dropped in and fired up the pipe as usual. She walked into my bedroom and then to the master bathroom. She was intending to offer me the pipe.

She walked up to the bathroom door and she could see me in the reflection of the full-length mirror. She saw me drying off. I didn't see her at first because I had a towel drying my face and hair.

I should explain that I'm pretty well-hung, especially after a hot shower. My dick is a good 8-plus inches and thick when it's "happy" but not erect.

When I brought the towel down, I saw her in the reflection, clearly hypnotized by my dick. I had no idea how long she was standing there. She snapped out of her trance and stepped back, out of sight and acted like she hadn't seen anything and asked if I wanted a hit off the pipe. I wrapped a towel around myself and said "Sure. Come on in. I'm decent."

She walked in cautiously and when she saw the towel wrapped around me, she relaxed, handed me the pipe and left saying, "I'll be hangin' out in the living room."

I began to notice that when she got pretty buzzed on my pot, she would look at me differently so I decided to try a little experiment.

The next day, I knew she would be coming by in the afternoon so I left the pipe and pot on the coffee table. I took a shower and laid down in my bed naked with the sheets only covering me partially. I let one leg hang off the edge of the bed, so that my dick was fully exposed, hanging fat and happy.

I heard her come in and call me. I started softly snoring pretending to be asleep. I kept my eyes half-closed and waited. After a few minutes I saw her pop her head into the doorway and froze. She stared for a good five minutes and then disappeared. I instantly smelled pot and after 20 minutes or so she reappeared at the bedroom door. She stood there for a minute then walked up to me and knelt down. She was close enough that I could feel her breath on my dick. She just kept staring and reached over a couple of times but didn't touch me.

Fortunately, there's not a huge difference between my dick size when I'm semi-erect and erect so even though, what she was doing was really turning me on, my dick stayed semi-erect. I didn't want her to figure out I was pretending to be sleeping.

This went on for almost a week and I got the feeling that it was becoming a game. I think she knew I was pretending to be sleeping. After a week or so, she finally did it. She reached out and stroked my dick.

She was very gentle and didn't actually wrap her fingers around it, she just ran her fingers up and down the shaft, circling the head. She was exploring. Of course, when she did this I got erect. VERY erect (10-1/2+ inches). I could tell this was VERY exciting for her. I could hear her breathing speed up and she would softly moan when she would begin playing with me and her touch was causing it to grow.

This went on for another week when one day she took longer than usual before she came in. I could tell she had really hit the pipe hard.

She came in as usual and knelt down. She stared at my dick for just a minute or so and then leaned in and sucked most of my semi-erect dick inter her mouth. As soon as she got 4-5 inches in her mouth she just stopped and softly sucked. I could feel my dick fattening and getting longer, growing deeper into her mouth. It was INCREDIBLE!

She began to moan when she felt it growing in her mouth. She softly sucked it, moving her head up and down, occasionally pulling back to just suck on the head and then let it fall from her mouth and she would just stare at it.

I could NOT believe this was happening! After a few minutes she leaned back down and resumed sucking me. I was now getting to a point where I was going to come and I wasn't sure what to do.

I started to moan and pretended as though I was waking up. She pulled my dick out her mouth and whispered, "It's OK. Go back to sleep and let me suck your dick. It's so nice and big and fat! I LOVE how it feels in my mouth... I want you to come in my mouth..."

I did just as she said. I let her suck for another minute or two and then I erupted in her mouth. She kept sucking the whole time. After I started to soften, she KEPT ON SUCKING... It was HEAVEN!!!!

She sucked me on and off over the next hour. By the time she got up to leave I was almost ready to come again.

This became our little game for an entire Summer. Toward the end of the Summer, on a very hot afternoon, she got really stoned and confessed that before she met me, she had a boyfriend who wanted to have sex. She said they screwed once and she didn't like it but she really liked sucking him. That wasn't enough for him so he broke up with her.

She told me that she didn't really understand it but for some reason, she just loved to suck but didn't enjoy screwing. She loved the feeling of a fleshy dick in her mouth and she especially loved how it felt when it was growing in her mouth. She confessed that when she saw my dick the first time in the bathroom, she fantasized about sucking it all the time.

I told her that she could suck me as often as she wanted but that I wasn't going to do anything to her because of her being underage. She was totally fine with it. She would even come over in the middle of the night, crawl into bed and start sucking my dick while I was sleeping. I would wake up to the incredible sensation of my dick growing in her mouth. What she loved most was sensation of it growing and filling her mouth.

She would turn on the TV, put her head on my stomach and suck and very often, SHE would fall asleep with my dick in her mouth.

She would make me come right away just so she could suck it when I got soft because it was too fat to suck easily when I was totally hard. She told me that when I was soft my dick was WAY bigger and fatter than her ex-boyfriend's dick when it was hard.

I'll never forget that Summer...

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