Hell hath no fury

Under the influence of alcohol, I once tried to persuade a married woman in the same neighborhood, to tie me up.....stupid, stupid! Turns out she and my wife were acquainted, and the neighbor was happy to tell her! I wondered what happened, one Friday evening when I came home from work, and was met with the sexpot my wife could easily be when she bothered. After dinner, she inquired sweetly if I wanted to "slip into something less comfortable" which was her all-too-rare way of offering the bondage games I craved, but almost never get, those days. Naturally, thinking with the small head, I rushed off, and hurried into my full-coverage heavy latex suit, in the bedroom, and waited! She came into the room, making encouraging noises, and made sure the two zippers at the back met between my shoulder-blades, out of reach, then clicked a small padlock into both tags, which was a new thing. Now I had eye-slits with fine nylon zippers, a cluster of tiny holes over my nostrils, and yet another fine nylon zipper across my mouth, which she made sure was tightly sealed shut, leaving me with survival air only, and not enough for the luxury of speech!
Then she put my expensive wide belt, with the two attached cuffs, in place round my waist, and buckled the cuffs round my already latex-sheathed wrists, now held at my sides, comfortably but immovably. Then she spoke, with an entirely different tone in her voice! Cold, angry, and quietly intense. "I talked to Emily down the street, today! Guess what she told me! I was not pleased! Neither was she, by the way! You think you're God's gift to women, I know, bit it just isn't true!......However, her husband, Stanley, was amused, and said to her, he wished HE'D had the offer! He's bi, apparently, but very careful with it! Anyway, we decided between the three of us, we'd let Stan have unlimited use of you, this weekend, and Emily and I are going to have an expensive weekend away, on your credit card! Sound fair? Doesn't matter anyway.... he'll be here any minute, and he's REALLY pissed that you made a pass at his wife, so God knows what he'll do to you, in return! Not my problem though! Oh I think I hear them pulling up now! Gotta go! You guys have fun! Oh a word of advice - as helpless and vulnerable as you are now, I'd be very polite, very cooperative, very apologetic, to Stan - maybe he won't hurt you too much! 'Bye" And she was gone. Faint sounds of laughter in the yard, then a car starting up and leaving, and I heard the front door close, and then footsteps in the hallway. "
"Well you piece of shit, what have you got to say for yourself?" snarled Stan, "Mmmmmmmmmffffff!" was all I could manage. He started using me as a punching bag, not hitting wickedly hard, but enough to hurt, and humiliate, in my blind disorientation, and inability to resist in any way. He forced me to my knees on the deep-pile carpet, unzipped my mouth, and before I could even draw breath, rammed his semi-erect cock, into it. and began to thrust, withdraw, thrust, over and over, holding my head still with his strong hands. In silence, he worked at this, for what seemed like hours, pausing every so often, as if he knew he was about to come, and delaying it, cleverly. There was absolutely nothing I could do, except maybe bite him, and I did not have the nerve to do that, given my utter helplessness! The humiliation was immense, and coupled with my intense homophobia, made this utterly repellent, but also utterly unavoidable! Ages later, his hot salty jizz hit the back of my throat, triggering a swallow reflex, followed by his withdrawal, and the sealing shut again, of the airtight zipper! "Round one!" he said triumphantly. "Now I'm going to watch the game, on your TV, thern I'll be back for more! We're going to do this all weekend, and we're both going to take Viagra! A double dose for you, as I want you to be frantic, knowing there will be no release for you, unless Elizabeth feels merciful, on Monday!" He arranged me comfortably on our bed, and left the room. Minutes later, the sounds of a football game could faintly be heard. Otherwise, I was trapped in the silent blackness of minimal - air sensory deprivation, left to ponder what had just happened to me, and what might take place for the rest of the weekend! Never felt so helpless, and so humiliated in my life, and sickeningly, I found a deep dark part of me that had reveled in it, and longed for more!

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