Best blow job

When I was 15 my family sent me to my cousins to spend some summer time with them which was about 30 miles away.
One night when I was sleeping I felt someones hand rubbing on my crotch. I had no idea who it was so I was very scared. I tried pushing whoever hand it was away and I finally notice it was my 18 year old cousin. She tells me to be quiet and pushed me back to lay down. As she continues to rub my cock the swelling continued until I feel her mouth on it. At this point it felt so fucking good I didn’t want her to stop or quit on me. After about 5 minutes of her sucking me off I came in her mouth. This was my very first experience with someone else touching my cock or even sucking it. This was the best feeling I ever experienced. I had no idea she was like this. I was unsure what to say or do.After that I finally started to admire her beauty and gorgeous figure.
A few nights later she comes sneaks over to my bed and sucks me off again. This went on the entire time I was there. She never let me fuck Her and about the only thing I ever did was suck on her toys which almost every time almost led to me fucking her. I know she wanted to feel me inside of her but we had no protection. She went on to college and won several beauty contest until she married a lawyer. Today it is so hard to face her but she still looks at me in a way she misses it.

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