Love having my boobs covered in cum

I love getting cum on my boobs. Something about it just turns me on and makes me feel good. At least once a week my husband titty fucks me and I try not to wash the cum off for as long as I can. Two years ago on a trip I gave head to 3 guys but made them finish on my tits. Wow, just remembering gets me wet.

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  • Nothing quite like dumping a nice healthy load onto a big beautiful pair of tits.

  • Does your husband know about the trip?

  • I should have cleared my browser and internet history. I may be in trouble. My husband discovered this post and confronted me, Foolishly I admitted to it and now he knows about the guys I let sucked years ago. I don't think he is going to leave or anything like that, but it seems he is going to get all he can from this. He made me suck him hard then fucked my tits. After he came on them he had me push them up to my mouth and suck the cum from my nipples. He then used my butt for his pleasure and he lasted a long time. Every time I sit today I remember it. He told me to go here and tell everyone what a cum slut I am. I don't know what will be next. Any ideas what he will do to me?

  • About the trip yes.

  • Nice I like sitting astride a woman and titty fuck. I love it. Any women interested in this please reply I send you my email

  • When I first met my wife( she has big tits) while she was giving me head she told me to stand up and fuck her tits. I could tell she loved it. It was my first time doing it . Apparently all the guys before loved doin this to her and she expected me to. I had no idea to do it.Come to think of it... That’s a lot of cocks fucking her tits

  • I love cumming on my wifes tits. She makes me lick it off and then spit it into her mouth so she can taste it then swallow it down.

  • So hot I love to cum on tits

  • Boobs should be every girls fav place to get cum at. If I had a gf, her boobs or face would be covered throughout the day. The fact that you wanna keep cum on your tits as long as possible, is really hot.

  • I wanna be your gf

  • Can you be mine, I produce a lot of cum and I love to cover my dates tits with cum

  • That makes me happy. I’ve been a horny guy my whole life, still hard even while sleeping. Would cum on your tits as many times as possible in a day. So hot when a girl rubs it all over & gets their boobs all shiny. You can put your bra back on & carry on til I’m ready to cum again.

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