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I have a large collection of nudes from people I meet on line. Some I met personally and had sex with. I take pride on my honesty that I dont let others see my collection, as I want them to continouosly flowing. Once one photo leaks, i will lose everyone's trust and will no longer receive them. This is why i have an online acct that no one knows, that is where i dumped all the photos. No friends, no link to other people, no nothing. If someone here loves to share photos of his partner. Please let me know. I would love to wank on them. But dont ask me of anything in return, i have nothing to share.

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  • I’d like to share pics of my virgin fiancée. She’s 29, fit, has firm boobs, has a nice round ass, and, of course, a tight, virgin pussy.

  • I used to have hundreds of polaroids of naked playmates, females and males. Most had the faces cropped out, but, those who knew me also knew my friends, and it was rather easy to tell. " Oh, those are definitely P's tits !" or, "I would recognize A's ass anywhere !", so, most people didn't see them. Two of my seven playmates, one girl, and one guy, came to me, later, and wanted all the pics of themselves for reasons of paranoia. I complied with no problem. A few others wanted select pics of themselves : one girl because she considered her body to have been "perfect" when the pic was shot, and one guy because he was shooting his wad in a ten foot arc. I kept them for years in a ragged shoe box, finally burning them all one drunken night. Keep your pics private.

  • Yeah. I keep them private. I'll bring them to the grave with me. Someone also messaged me after a few months and asked me to have her pics deleted, I deleted her pics. Simple as that.

  • Hey small dick with nothing to share. You don’t deserve anything more then a kick in the nuts don’t save anyone’s content it’s not yours

  • Yes I agree you do deserve a kick in the nuts

  • Do you understand English dumbass? They know what I am gonna do with the pics before they sent me. Meaning, they agreed to it coz they trust me. D.U.M.B.

  • We need a good hacker forPricks like you who are no good for nothing but sterling people privite photos videos. omg people like you sicken people like us who try sharing some Sexy content. allways liers and thirfs like you to save content that’s Not urs Asshole

  • What you need is to learn to spell

  • Are you stupid or something. They sent it to me with consent and I kept my word that the photos will not be shared to others. I did not force them, I gained their trust. I.D.I.O.T.

  • That's what I do gain people's trust so I can do my hobbies of taking pictures of every one I meet at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales

  • I got loads of pictures at my house in llanbradach south Wales of people all ages it fun to share

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